Announcing our agreement with PRS for Music

Announcing our agreement with PRS for Music

Today, we’re happy to share some exciting news for SoundCloud creators across the globe: we’ve reached an agreement with PRS and MCPS, the collecting societies that represent the rights of over 115,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers in the UK. This deal is the first step toward a European rollout of subscription and advertising in 2016, meaning more creators can start to make more money from their tracks, in more countries.


What are PRS and MCPS?

PRS and MCPS are sister organizations that represent the interests of UK songwriters, composers and music publishers. They license and administer rights in their members’ compositions through agreements with broadcasters, record companies, live music ventures, digital service providers and others that use music.


What does this mean for SoundCloud creators?

This agreement moves us closer to a future where all creators can make money on SoundCloud. It helps us continue to be a platform that supports creators at all stages of their careers, both large and small. It will also enable future opportunities for creators to make money in new territories.


What does this mean for SoundCloud?

Over the past year or so, we’ve secured agreements with Warner Music Group, Merlin, NMPA and many independent creators, bringing more monetization opportunities to more artists around the world and a greater diversity of tracks to our 175 million monthly listeners. This deal with PRS and MCPS represents another important step towards our vision of enabling all creators to make money on SoundCloud.

While this agreement will allow us to expand services and functionality in Europe in 2016, this development won’t have any major impact on the way you use SoundCloud day-to-day.


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