Alex Announcing Our Partnership with Universal Music Group

SoundClouders around the world, we’ve got some exciting news to share: our deal with Universal Music Group, the largest music company on the planet, is official.

What does this mean for listeners?

More artists, more tracks and more of the latest favorites and new discoveries will be coming to SoundCloud soon. The UMG artist roster is big (really big), and we’re proud to welcome its members to the platform.

What does this mean for creators?

If you’re an artist signed to UMG, you’ll now have a new way to make money from your work. You’ll get full access to SoundCloud’s monetization options – an already robust system that’s due to expand in 2016 (more on this soon).

The deal also provides a framework for user-generated remixes and similar content to live on the platform. With UMG on board, we believe we have the opportunity to create a sustainable ecosystem where multiple forms of expression can live and where artists at every stage of their careers come to create and share their work.
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