Creators talking shop: Daily Demos with Ghost Loft

Creators talking shop: Daily Demos with Ghost Loft

Ghost Loft is a producer and singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, CA who has pursued a solo career and contributed to tracks of Wiz Khalifa and Justin Bieber. Lately, he’s been busy cranking out a demo a day, sharing his works in progress with followers on SoundCloud and flexing his creativity at the same time. We talked to him about the  inspiration behind creating with discipline and openness.


Tell us about your daily demos project. What is it? Why did you decide to do it?

Daily Demos is an idea that started from a dinner conversation I had with my friend Rob. We discussed how sometimes we can be too precious with our work and ultimately place it on a pedestal. In doing so, we can become creatively stifled in the pursuit of “perfection”. The idea of Daily Demos was brought up as an exercise to counteract this. Daily Demos is where everyday I make a track from scratch and upload it to SoundCloud. Whether or not I’m satisfied with it, I’m forced to complete and release a song before the day’s end. Through this process I’ve learned to let go and I feel more liberated.


How has SoundCloud allowed you to be flexible with the kind of content you share?

SoundCloud is a great platform to share the Daily Demos. I’m able to upload and share songs quickly and I can gauge feedback from listeners instantly. I also love how accessible SoundCloud is. Anyone can listen to a track on their computer or phone without needing any type of membership.


You’ve shared over 40 demos on a daily basis. What has the feedback been so far?

I think the feedback has been pretty great. It’s always interesting to see which songs resonate more with people. For example, a track that I worked on for three hours might not connect with as many people as a track that took only one hour.


How does the discipline of working on a demo every day change the way you create and share?

Consistently working on tracks has been a fruitful experience so far. Somedays can be more challenging than others, but it always feels great after I complete a Daily Demo.  Working on the Daily Demos has allowed me to trust my instinct more. In the past I would spend hours searching for the perfect snare sample or synth sound. But I’ve come to realize that music isn’t about perfection. To me it’s all about expression. The Daily Demos have become therapeutic in allowing me to express how I feel that day.


Does the feedback you get on these demos influence your editing and creation process?

I wouldn’t say so. With the Daily Demos I try to experiment and get out of my comfort zone. I look at it as a daily exercise to encourage creativity and not have to meet anyone’s expectations.


What are your next goals and steps that we should look forward to in the coming months?

Along with the Daily Demos, I’ve been working on original music as well as a couple of remixes.  I plan to release new music in a few weeks. I also worked on some music for Justin Bieber’s Purpose tour, so you can hear that at his shows now.


Any tips for creators looking to grow and expand their sound?

To put in the work and enjoy the process.

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