First beat to first break: Galimatias’ First on SoundCloud story

First beat to first break: Galimatias’ First on SoundCloud story

From day one, Galimatias was on SoundCloud. The Danish producer joined SoundCloud as a teenager and uploaded his first track within a month. He used the platform as a sounding board, tapping into the unique, ever-present community of creators for inspiration and motivation. “I met guys from all over the world,” Galimatias says. “We were arranging online beat battles with the comments. I had 0 followers but built my initial community through it.”

Yet there was one SoundCloud connection that impacted Galimatias’ career more than any other. In 2013, Cleveland singer Alina Baraz discovered Galimatias’ page and immediately responded to his hazy, bass-heavy instrumentals. She recorded her own melodies and lyrics over his beats and uploaded the results to her own SoundCloud. Despite the thousands of miles dividing them (Ohio is quite a ways away from Denmark), the two artists began to collaborate, eventually releasing an eight-song EP, Urban Flora, in 2015. Galimatias and Baraz’ unique blend of dreamy vocals and sultry R&B beats drew massive critical acclaim and received over 120 million plays on SoundCloud.     

Galimatias is currently working on his next solo release, experimenting with new ways to use his own voice and push the boundaries of electronic music and R&B. Wherever Galimatias’ journey takes him, we’re proud of where it all started – right here, on SoundCloud.

Listen to the latest music from Galimatias, including his newest track “South,” featured in the video above, on SoundCloud now.

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