Learn about your audience with Stats

Learn about your audience with Stats

Once you have uploaded some tracks you can use SoundCloud Stats to understand who your audience is, where they are located, how they listen, and what tracks they like.

You can download the Pulse app to your mobile device to monitor your numbers or alternatively access Stats through the SoundCloud website. You can also upgrade your account to get deeper stats if you plan on getting really serious about your numbers and data.

Stats helps you measure the success of your tracks. You can review your play counts, likes, comments, reposts and downloads, discover which of your tracks are performing best and what countries and cities they’re most popular in. This can help with promo campaigns and give you insight on planning tours, if that’s on your to-do list.

How to take a deep dive on your SoundCloud stats

When viewing Stats for your account, you’ll see a bar chart showing activity over a specific period of time. The chart highlights your five most-popular tracks for the selected period of time.

Hovering over the bar chart provides more detailed information and gives you totals for each day. You can filter your view so that only stats for a specific track are displayed: click on a track title and you’ll see a line graph plotting activity over time.

Use the calendar feature at the top right hand of the page to review your account and see activity over a designated time period. You can customize a time period to coincide with your release or a campaign cycle to see how a track or artist has performed on SoundCloud.Click on a track and select the Overall option for a detailed look at a track’s stats over its lifetime. Analyzing a track – especially around key moments in a campaign – is a great way to help you make informed decisions for future campaigns.

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