SoundCloud Jan Blomqvist’s First On SoundCloud story


Once in awhile, an artist’s sound completely captures the zeitgeist and informs musical trends for years to come. In the somewhat complex coexistence between house and pop, that person is Jan Blomqvist. Heralded as one of the world’s top live DJs by Resident Advisor, his presence in Germany’s dance scene is by far one of the strongest today.  

Before he headlined clubs worldwide and performed at festivals including Burning Man (which has an impressive 760K streams on SoundCloud), he wasn’t signed to a label and was bartending while figuring out how to raise his profile. “I was immediately on SoundCloud when it came out,” he says. “I was pretty young in the scene. The clubs didn’t want me to play live, so it was an interesting way to get my music to people. Later on when I played in the clubs, they’d ask for my SoundCloud!”

These days, with 76K followers, a supportive label plus a new album (Disconnected came out last month), he utilizes the platform as a way of sharing ideas with contemporaries and remixes with other musicians. As his career evolves, so does Jan’s commitment to SoundCloud — and we’re proud of that.    

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