SoundCloud SoundCloud & Noisey Singles – K $upreme “Views”


Atlanta’s K$upreme (b. Khalid Dalton) is not just Lil Yachty’s best friend slash crewman. Of course, being a member of the elite Sailing Team has certainly had its perks, and collaborations with like-minded artists a la Kodie Shane and Rich the Kid have not gone unheard. But in 2018, K$upreme’s deconstructed trap music might just demand its own fleet.  

It’s his ability to execute simple elements unexpectedly that differentiates this 22-year-old from his peers. He doesn’t shy away from experimentality and layering. He’ll set the groundwork with melancholy strings, tip the balance with an off-kilter beat, and right the ship again with a methodical mid-tempo rap refrain. His music feels like standing on shifting tectonic plates or looking in a funhouse mirror. It’s certainly in the realm of hip-hop, but the lines are blurred.

Born in Pasadena and drawing inspiration from Chief Keef and Lil Wayne, K$upreme is guiding the wave of the new hip-hop generation – by being an original, an individual, and creating a sound that is supremely unconventional. With performances at Boiler Room and Highsnobiety, and press acclaim from The Fader and Mass Appeal, this might be the year everyone learns that this K$upreme is captaining the team.

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