SoundCloud & Noisey Singles – Melo Makes Music “Remember”

SoundCloud & Noisey Singles – Melo Makes Music “Remember”

From uploading his first track in 2014 to making major waves on the Chicago indie hip-hop scene, there’s a reason Melo Makes Music (born Carmelo Cianflone) was a SoundCloud Artist to Watch in 2018.

With a sound that’s not nearly as straightforward as his name (but just as catchy), Melo stands out for his ability to merge the contradicting styles of grunge and classical to create works that are unexpected and original. And as an artist, he’s progressive – weaving themes of empowerment and positivity into his lyrics and propelling important narratives forward.

As part of the Noisey x SoundCloud Singles program, Melo made a video for his lo-fi synth-infused single, “Remember.” Seagull calls set the scene, barber-shop snaps lay the beat – and Melo’s textured tenor spread vocals over chords like butter on toast. Melo’s vision for the video was a vibe that was both vibrant and dark, “like The Beatles meets Evanescence,” he said. And with melancholy lyrics backed by ferris wheel imagery shot on 16mm film, we think he hit the nail on the head.

So yes, Melo Makes Music. But he makes memorable music with a twist; music that’s liberating and different. And if his latest offerings are any indication of what’s to come, we’re going to be watching him well into 2019.

For more information on the SoundCloud x Noisey Singles Program click here.

Stream Melo Makes Music’s latest tracks on his SoundCloud page here

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