Clarifying the SoundCloud Premier agreement

Clarifying the SoundCloud Premier agreement

This has been an exciting month at SoundCloud, with multiple new feature announcements for our creator community. This included expanding our SoundCloud Premier monetization program from a limited invite-only offer to now enabling hundreds of thousands of creators to get paid for their plays on SoundCloud.

SoundCloud Premier membership has grown multiple times over in just a few weeks, and we’re committed to continuing to build the program as the absolute best way for creators to monetize their work with maximum control.

As we’ve grown, we’ve also received feedback that some language in the original program agreement was too broad, and we want to avoid any doubt around your rights and how we run the program.

Our team reviewed the agreement, and we’ve clarified or removed elements that may be unclear or not relevant to the open service we have now–this includes the removal of the outdated covenant not to sue language that was part of our previous invite-only agreement.

To be clear, this updated agreement does not change the way we already operate SoundCloud Premier today:

  • You retain all of the rights to your content
  • You receive a pro rata share of 55% of net revenue
  • You are paid for each calendar month within 45 days of the end of that month, regardless of how much you earn
  • You have the freedom to exit the program whenever you wish, and can always use any other platform alongside SoundCloud
  • As with any change to SoundCloud Terms of Use, you will be notified two weeks before we make any changes to this agreement so you can review the changes and agree to them

Eligible creators signing up for SoundCloud Premier can view the updated agreement here:, and existing SoundCloud Premier members will receive the updated agreement by email.

SoundCloud is and will always be a creator-first platform. We’re committed to building industry-leading products and services for you to share, connect and grow your career.

As part of that commitment, we’ll always take feedback and respond as quickly as we can to keep improving the platform for you.

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