Introducing the ability to control and download your high quality audio – only with Go+

Introducing the ability to control and download your high quality audio – only with Go+

Starting today we’re introducing new high quality audio features to your Go+ subscription so you can experience tracks in high quality as they were meant to be heard – on the go and without compromising your data plan.

With high quality audio downloads you’ll be able to connect closer to a creator’s sound and vision, wherever you are. Stream high quality tracks when you’re in a service-free zone or have no access to WiFi by going to Settings > Downloads and selecting Download high quality audio. In an instant, you’ll be able to download content encoded in 256kbps AAC and on your way to experiencing the best possible sound anywhere, anytime.

We’re also adding the ability for you to set your listening on cruise control. In your Settings, you’ll find the option for Automatic under Streaming quality. Once you manually opt-in, we automatically adjust the audio quality based on your connection. So if you’re on WiFi, you’ll hear tracks that are high quality. And if you’re using your cellular connection, we’ll save you the trouble – and data – and switch you back to Standard streaming.

A few months ago we introduced high quality audio streaming to Go+ subscribers – and with the ability to download and auto-switch your streaming quality, you’re now able to listen on a higher level, with even more control. In addition to unlimited downloads, when you upgrade to Go+ you can get ad-free listening to music you can’t find anywhere else, like remixes, DJ sets and exclusive tracks, making it easier than ever to discover and stream what’s next in music. 

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