Breaking down a track on the latest episode of Studio Sessions: The Breakdown

Breaking down a track on the latest episode of Studio Sessions: The Breakdown

While the idea of taking stuff apart to figure out how it works certainly isn’t a new concept, it’s rare that an artist hands over an instruction manual on their craft. That is, until Studio Sessions: The Breakdown. 

Because our mission is to give you the resources to grow your career, today we’re adding an educational element to our Studio Sessions programming, with the “The Breakdown” – a new video series that deconstructs a song and gives you a glimpse into a fellow creator’s process. Whether you like the plug-in they use or want to borrow their go-to kick, we’re hoping you take away some tips on how to build a track. And who knows, maybe someday you’ll be the next creator playing it forward and breaking down your latest hit. 

Buenos Aires-born and Berlin-based experimental electronic artist CATNAPP was the first guest to swing by our Berlin studio and sit behind our mixing desk. She broke down her wobbly rave-able track “Down in the Basement,” that’s about being an artist in the underground scene. Her lyrics go off-script from the traditional themes and talk niche: relaying the sparring feelings of having a sound so different that it might be inaccessible, but wanting to embrace that difference because it’s authentic. And we’re siding with the latter because isn’t diversity what music (& this world) needs? 

Like CATNAPP, you can be your one-person production team. If you used one of her tips or a product she did, let us know by @ing us on Twitter and mentioning #studiosessions.

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