SC101: How to network and get noticed on SoundCloud

SC101: How to network and get noticed on SoundCloud

As the only place where artists and fans can connect in real time to shift culture, SoundCloud is as much as social platform as it is music service. With likes, comments and reposts, our algorithm is based on way more than plays – and today, SC101 is making it even easier to join the conversation. 

SC101 is the newest way to access SoundCloud’s massive trove of creator education resources by way of quick video how-tos. Our latest episodes on engagement & networking give you the two-min summary on why interacting with SoundCloud’s community is key to getting discovered, gaining more followers, and growing your career on SoundCloud and beyond. 

If you’re just starting out, a super low-key way to get noticed and show your support for other creators is by tapping that little heart button below the track. Want to spread the word on a beat you helped produce? Reposting a track shares it with your audience while backing another artist’s work. If you want fans to keep piling praise on your waveform, reply back to their comments and let them know they’re being heard. Looking to grow your network beyond your fanbase? Dive right into a fellow creator’s DMs – and who knows, sooner or later you could be joining them in the studio to collaborate on your next release. 

The easiest way to get seen, heard, and even playlisted, is through engaging with the world’s largest community of music tastemakers, creators and curators on SoundCloud. Just watch and learn

Check back next week to learn how to set up your SoundCloud tracks for success using tags, metadata, high-res artwork and more. If you’re just tuning in and want to start with the basics like building your brand, you can check out last week’s post HERE.

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