SC101: How to share your work and get heard on your terms

SC101: How to share your work and get heard on your terms

You’ve uploaded a track, and your metadata is flawless; there’s no way that your epic electronic gift to the world will slip through the #electronic cracks. So it’s discoverable, yes, but you probably want more than that. Like getting it heard by the right ears or racking up as many plays as humanly possible (and we do mean humans, because bots have no place in our algorithm). 

SC101 is the latest way to dip into our bottomless well of of creator tools and resources – and on our latest episodes, we’re telling you how to share your work and market your music as an independent artist. There are a lot of ways to share depending on your end goal. With private embeds, you can keep your track under lock and key while you look for a worthy premiere opportunity, or maybe you want to go full-throttle and launch your latest EP up, up and across every social platform to get maximum streams. We’re telling you all the ways to share, but how you do it is up to you.

While you might want to put some other things in your life on Quiet Mode, SoundCloud Pro and Pro Unlimited users can disable comments and stats so your feedback is only visible to you. Also available to Pro users is the ability to schedule tracks, giving you more time for other things that take up your precious minutes – like watching daytime TV, hitting the clerb, or making more music. 

Maybe you weren’t that good at sharing in nursery school (who was?), but after these episodes of SC101 you’ll be a reformed expert. Sharing is easy; just watch and learn.

Check back next week for the last post in our SC101 series on stats and how these basic analytics can tell you what’s working, or the advanced ones can help you to level up your craft and maybe even take your music on the road. If you missed our last SC101 post on optimizing your tracks, you can read all about it HERE

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