SC101: See your real-time track performance with stats on SoundCloud

SC101: See your real-time track performance with stats on SoundCloud

Maybe you’ve never been a numbers person, but we think you might reconsider after watching our latest episodes of SC101. If you need a refresher, SC101 is the latest shortcut to SoundCloud’s vast compilation of creator education resources. In these two-minute(ish) videos, we’ve taught you how to build your profile, network and engage a community, optimize your tracks, share your work – and now we’re breaking down user stats so that you can be confident in taking that next step of your career. Because the best thing about numbers? They’re pretty much always right. 

Like driving with the windows down or the first bite of a just-baked cookie, some of the best things in life are simple – and free. Our basic stats are no exception. These simple analytics include real-time play counts, likes, comments and reposts and can act as your music dashboard giving you a snapshot of your track’s performance. One glance and you can see whether that freestyle you dropped a few weeks ago is picking up speed, or if you might need to ramp up your social promotion. 

With more extensive stats (available to Pro Unlimited users) you can see things like top listeners, cities, plays by devices and other websites – and make even more informed decisions. Whether it’s a record label exec or superfan viewing your music most, you can reach out to them to shop unreleased demos or to invite them to your next show. Don’t have a show yet? Check your stats to see where you should pack up the van and head to next. 

Whether basic or extensive, stats on SoundCloud enable to you hone your craft and grow your career. Just watch and learn.

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