“First on SoundCloud” artist Lil Tecca creates for the fans that support him

“First on SoundCloud” artist Lil Tecca creates for the fans that support him

Over the next few months, we’re celebrating creators who launched on SoundCloud and spotlighting the communities that sustain them with our fourth installment of “First on SoundCloud.”

First up is Queens rapper Lil Tecca who was raised by Jamaican parents in Springfield Gardens, New York. Inspired by the likes of Speaker Knockerz, Chief Keef and dancehall beats, he began rapping in his early teens. While Xbox Live was the first place he shared his skills (by way of a diss track about a friend), he soon started uploading his songs to SoundCloud, and eventually caught the attention of industry influencers. Which just goes to show, you never know who might stumble across your next track. 

While it might seem like getting from Xbox roast-raps to a joint record deal (Galactic Records and Republic Records) isn’t that linear of a journey, it’s because it’s not. When you upload a track on SoundCloud, you can reach tastemakers, fans and fellow collaborators that can change the trajectory of your path. But you also have to put in the work – and listen to your feedback. Lil Tecca said, “Most of my drops are based on what the fans want.” He adds that with so many artists out there doing what he’s doing, you have to put yourself in front of people. “You can’t just post something on SoundCloud and think it’s gonna go up.”

He can say this because “up” is the theme of his life right now. With “Ransom” owning the airwaves, a slew of new music, festival appearances and global shows in the works, and a mission to create for the fans that support him – it’s safe to say, Lil Tecca is on an upward ascent. 

Stream his debut project “We Love You Tecca” to hear what’s next in music, first on SoundCloud. And check back in two weeks to meet Baby Rose – a singer/songwriter/producer from Atlanta, Georgia who also built her career on SoundCloud, but did things a bit differently. 

Because you might be First on SoundCloud, too, we’re inviting you to get involved. When you upload original music tag it #SCFIRST for the chance to be promoted across SoundCloud’s playlists, social media, newsletters, this blog – and maybe even see your name in a future First on SoundCloud campaign. 

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