Learn how to build a track with Kiwi on the latest episode of Studio Sessions: The Breakdown

Learn how to build a track with Kiwi on the latest episode of Studio Sessions: The Breakdown

From working as a club night photographer, to running a nightclub, to playing all-night-long sets that effortlessly blend disco, Detroit techno and everything in between – London-based DJ Alex “Kiwi” Warren has experienced club culture from pretty much every vantage point. 

And with productions that are as multi-perspective as his industry experience, we were excited to bring him behind the mixing desk as part of Studio Sessions: The Breakdown. On this episode, Kiwi peels away the layers of Kiya, the warm-bassed spaced-out title track of his second EP (released September 13) that shows its versatility via the three subsequent songs on the release: “Kiya (RaveMix),” “Kiya (Brian Ring Remix)“and “Kiya (Dreamscape Mix).”  

“Kiya” is an ode to a song Kiwi knew nothing about but stumbled upon in a record shop. While he stripped the sample because he liked many of the elements, he also reworked it into something entirely his own by bringing out the vocals, losing the bass, time-stretching it and creating a synthy, blissed-out intro using some of his go-to tools. But let’s be clear, he also laced it with an 808 kick – so you *can* play it in the club. 

Kiwi shows that you can use a record store discovery as the seedling for a full EP. If you used one of his tips or go-to synths like Korg Monopoly, let us know by @ing us on Twitter and mentioning #studiosessions.

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