“First on SoundCloud” artist Baby Rose creates because that’s her role in the world

“First on SoundCloud” artist Baby Rose creates because that’s her role in the world

As part of our latest installment of “First on SoundCloud,” today we’re celebrating Atlanta-based singer/songwriter/producer Baby Rose and her loyal team AKA her “organic, beautiful, wonderful family.”

Baby Rose moved from DC to Fayetteville, NC to Atlanta (where she currently resides), so when asked, she just says she from the South. But Fayetteville’s a noteworthy place to start her story because that’s where she took the stage at her high school talent show and took home first place for this original song. While initially teased for her low register, she decided that if she was going to be made fun of anyway she might as well be doing something she loved. And soon enough, her soul-pulsing vox silenced the haters and put her on the map as a modern-day Nina Simone and R&B songstress to watch. 

When Baby Rose first started uploading to SoundCloud she saw the traction her original tracks were getting by sharing her work on her terms. “I was staying true to myself in every aspect – and it was working.” She carried this torch of authenticity through the entirety of her album, “To Myself” (out August 22) that was recorded mid-breakup and shows the universality in getting really personal and specific. 

Baby Rose’s innermost thoughts are now everyone’s business thanks to glowing album reviews from NPR, Pitchfork and more, and she’s traded that high school stage for US tour venues supporting Ari Lennox. But even with all the attention, she’s stayed authentic, present and humble – saying she owes everything to the people that surround her. 

From instantly uploading a verse that just popped into your head to updating your profile so your personality shines through, on SoundCloud you can be whoever you are, right now. Because like Baby Rose, staying true to yourself – and your crew – is what counts. 

Stream “To Myself” to hear what’s next in music, first on SoundCloud. 

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Because you might be First on SoundCloud, too, we’re inviting you to get involved. When you upload original music tag it #SCFIRST for the chance to be promoted across SoundCloud’s playlists, social media, newsletters, this blog – and maybe even see your name in a future First on SoundCloud campaign. 

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