“First on SoundCloud” artist Na-Kel Smith creates because he wants to make people move

“First on SoundCloud” artist Na-Kel Smith creates because he wants to make people move

Na-Kel Smith is many things. He’s a rapper/songwriter, Adidas shoe collaborator, and a Supreme team skateboarder and model. He’s also the latest artist we’re featuring as part of our “First on SoundCloud” series, because this LA-based multi-talent launched his career right here. 

When he’s not skateboarding, Na-Kel keeps his feet planted firmly on the ground, reiterating that community is in everything. His uncle inspired him to skate and his mom was the source of his diverse music taste, introducing him to full genres, scenes and cultures.

Na-Kel said, “She was the first person that put me on to Slayer, the first person to put me on to any type of metal, punk, soul and hip-hop.” While his upbringing certainly informed his current successes, his output proves you can blend your influences into something new and entirely your own.

Because a human, skateboarder, and musician can coexist as one Na-Kel Smith. Na-Kel said he makes his music like a skateboarder would, noting, “You go to hell and back every time you try a trick. If you fall, get back up.” And he does, again and again, pushing himself to see how far he can go with every upload – with the end goal of making people move. 

Na-Kel’s also moving fast, which is probably why his favorite thing about SoundCloud is the ability to share a song in the moment. Like trying a trick, you’ll never know if your track will land unless you upload it, get feedback, improve it and try again. And on SoundCloud you can do it right this second. 

Stream Na-Kel Smith’s latest project “3000NAKTEEN” to hear what’s next in music, first on SoundCloud. And check back in two weeks to meet the last “First on SoundCloud” artist of this series: Ms Nina, a multidisciplinary talent hailing from Argentina. 

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