Meet October’s Artists and DJs to Watch

Meet October’s Artists and DJs to Watch

If you haven’t already been introduced to October’s Artists and DJs to Watch via our Instagram or Twitter, we’re glad you’re here. Settle in with your favorite pumpkin-spiced whatever and learn even more about the musicians that have been soundtracking our fall.

This month’s class boasts: a self-professed anime fan whose glossy hip-hop sound draws from his surroundings; an entrepreneurial DJ who splits her time between spinning, running several labels, and owning a record store; and a burgeoning rap star whose first upload was a clip of himself playing Super Smash Bros. Read on to meet all nine Artists and DJs to Watch and maybe even pick up some pointers in the process. 


Machine Woman

  • Homebase: Berlin, Germany
  • Genres: Techno
  • Fun fact: Machine Woman founded Take Away Jazz records to “drop tracks that have been rejected by other labels or just for pure musical banter”
  • Pro tip: Machine Woman uses a cohesive set of header and profile pictures to make a striking first impression with her profile


  • Homebase: London, UK
  • Genres: House & Techno
  • Fun fact: Kiwi first started out as an in-house club photographer before stepping behind the tables himself
  • Pro tip: Kiwi’s entire biography is available on his SoundCloud profile, making it easy for new fans to learn more about him

Kiara Scuro

  • Homebase: London, UK 
  • Genres: House & Techno
  • Fun fact: The duo originally went by the name ATLAS, before refining their moniker
  • Pro tip: Kiara Scuro helps fans ID songs in the comment sections of their mixes


  • Homebase: London, UK 
  • Genres: Drum & Bass, Hip-Hop, Grime & House
  • Fun fact: Sherelle’s acclaimed Boiler Room DJ set amassed over 1 million plays in less than a month
  • Pro tip: Sherelle keeps her latest press features in her SoundCloud bio, helping fans stay up to date with what she’s been up to


  • Homebase: Berlin, Germany
  • Genres: House
  • Fun fact: Cinthie owns and runs her own record store, Elevate, in Berlin
  • Pro tip: Running several labels with SoundCloud profiles of their own, Cinthie makes it a point to keep each page active, helping fans stay engaged with every facet of her creativity


Ness Heads

  • First Upload: “Summerhouse” 
  • Hometown: Chicago, IL
  • Influences: Kanye West, Bad Bunny & Nirvana
  • Fun fact: After getting tired of skipping work to head to the studio, Ness quit her full-time job to focus all her energy on making music.
  • Stream now: “Pull Me Up”

Che Lingo

  • First Upload: “Level Up” 
  • Hometown: South London, UK
  • Influences: Anime, his emotions & his environment
  • Fun fact: He has a near photographic memory for outfits
  • Stream now: “DISTANCE”


  • First Upload: “Somewhere where you should be”
  • Hometown: Charlotte, NC
  • Influences: Gwen Stefani, Lil Uzi Vert & Playboi Carti
  • Fun fact: She had to learn how to write letters backwards for a music video that never ended up coming out
  • Stream now: “LEMONADE”

Tokyo’s Revenge

  • First Upload: Audio of him and his friends playing Super Smash Bros.
  • Hometown: He’s lived all over
  • Influences: Disturbed, Rico Nasty & DMX
  • Fun fact: Tokyo mixes all his own music
  • Stream now: “GOODMORNINGTOKYO!”

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