“First on SoundCloud” artist Ms Nina creates because she has one life to live

“First on SoundCloud” artist Ms Nina creates because she has one life to live

Meet Ms Nina, multidisciplinary talent and the final artist we’re spotlighting as part of our latest edition of “First on SoundCloud.”

Ms Nina was born in Argentina but moved to Spain when she was 14, and attributes her eclectic artistic style to being from two different places. In Argentina, she was raised on Flamenco, rock and folklore, and as a teenager in Spain she discovered the pop/hip-hop world of Britney Spears, Tupac and Lil Kim. While she says it was difficult to be an immigrant, she knows that it’s informed her as a musician; she’s able to keep moving forward while drawing inspiration from where she’s been.

Her first upload was “Pesao,” a song she initially recorded with her friend Favi just for fun. It picked up traction online, so they made a music video for it, and Ms Nina started using SoundCloud more and more to network – meeting artists Happy Colors and Beauty Brain in the process. Fellow Neoperreo and underground artists in Spain were starting to get noticed, and Ms Nina was part of this self-taught community whose home was the internet. It was all about the hustle and Ms Nina remembers sending songs on her phone because she had no way to record them. But she found a way to do it because, as she put it, “If you make music, you make music.”

She kept at it and soon enough the rest of the world started tuning in. She’s now been featured in a variety of publications from Glamour to Noisey, collaborated with major artists and brands ( like Khaled and Nike respectively), and has multiple chart-topping singles and mold-breaking projects to her name – e.g., “Reinas” featuring King Jedet, a track known as the feminist and LGTBIQ+ anthem, and her inclusive, progressive first LP, “Perreando por Fuera, Llorando por Dentro” released this summer.” 

She says it may be cliche, but we have one life, and you need to do what you like. And we’d add: work hard like everyone’s watching, because that’s how Ms Nina got to do what she loves.

Stream “Coqueta” to hear what’s next in music, first on SoundCloud. 

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