Manage your music on the go with Repost for Mobile

Manage your music on the go with Repost for Mobile

Now you can hold all of the wonderful features of Repost Network in the palm of your hand because beginning today, Repost on Mobile is available on iOS and Android. That means you can:

  • Distribute your music to Spotify, Apple Music, Tik Tok and 25+ other music services
  • Monetize your music on SoundCloud
  • Issue takedowns of infringing content on SoundCloud
  • Remove, add and see all claims across YouTube with YouTube Content ID
  • View your earnings and analytics
  • Add, update and remove revenue splits with collaborators via our Split Pay app
  • Promote directly to streaming sites, our partners and through our owned playlist brands
  • Create and share Spotify Pre-Saves and Follow for Downloads campaigns
  • Build your own custom websites to sell your beat licenses
  • And most importantly get paid 

We know you’re working hard and moving fast to build a career in music, and we’re committed to providing ways for you to do that. With the ability to monetize, distribute and issue takedowns straight from your phone – Repost for Mobile makes it easier to manage your music, wherever you go.

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