Introducing Promote on SoundCloud – the newest tool to grow your audience

Introducing Promote on SoundCloud – the newest tool to grow your audience

While there are endless opportunities to get discovered on SoundCloud, you know (or may have seen on these episodes of SC101) that you can’t just upload a track and hope for the best; it’s important to actively promote your music. That’s why today we’re introducing a new way for artists to grow their audiences with Promote on SoundCloud

Available to all SoundCloud Premier members, Promote on SoundCloud is a self-service tool that gives you the power to promote your original music to the top of users’ streams and on their mobile homepages. Just dropped a track? Now you can make the most of the moment by selecting a budget that works for you, choosing your targeting options (like age, gender, location, device and genre), and booking a campaign in minutes. 

When you combine your Promote on SoundCloud reports with your SoundCloud stats, you can see comprehensive engagement data that can help shape your next release. 

Ready to accelerate your career? Join SoundCloud Premier to get started.

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