Learn how to build a track with ZEBRA KATZ on the latest episode of Studio Sessions: The Breakdown

Learn how to build a track with ZEBRA KATZ on the latest episode of Studio Sessions: The Breakdown

ZEBRA KATZ is a genre-bending vocalist, songwriter and producer who came on the NYC rap scene with his 2012 track, “Ima Read.” His uncompromising and experimental approach to electronic music has taken him from tinkering in Garageband to rocking stages with Lana Del Rey, Pusha T, and Gorillaz. 

Today, on Studio Sessions: The Breakdown, Katz demystifies his creative process, showing us how he and co-producer Tony Quattro crafted his electric new single, “IN IN IN.” 

Inspired by a night of “interstellar nightmares,” the beat for “IN IN IN” was already dancefloor-ready by the time it reached Katz’ inbox. After restructuring the instrumental in Logic, Katz channeled its freewheeling energy into several sharp verses. To wrap things up, he tapped in Berlin-based engineer, Loop_O,  who used an advanced mastering technique to perfectly mesh the vocals into the track. 

“IN IN IN” is a testament to the fact that the best artists can inspire you to think and dance at the same time. If you watch this video and end up making your own inspiring club anthem, let us know by @ing us on Twitter, and mentioning #studiosessions.

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