We heard you – upload limits are not changing on Monday

We heard you – upload limits are not changing on Monday

For the last 12 years, SoundCloud has been the destination for millions of artists around the world like you to upload, share and find what’s next in music. Our mission is to empower you with the best tools to build and grow your career on your own terms, and to foster a community where creativity can thrive.

Earlier this week, we announced our intention to change our upload limit. We’ve spent the last few days since the announcement listening to you, learning from what you’ve said, and reflecting about what makes SoundCloud special as an open platform that helps creators of all types express themselves. 

And we heard you. We’ve decided not to roll out the change to our free upload limits and will continue to refine our balance of free and paid offerings to make the platform as creative and accessible as possible while building a sustainable business. 

We’re excited for what’s ahead. We have a strong roadmap of new features, products and updates for you. And we’ll continue to gather support and feedback from you, the community of creators who have helped build SoundCloud into what it is today.

So keep it coming. Tell us what you think, what you want, and what you need. We are here, listening. 

Interested in providing feedback for potential SoundCloud features and product updates?  Make sure you’ve opted in to “Survey and feedback” under Settings > Notifications.

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