Meet November’s Artists and DJs to Watch

Meet November’s Artists and DJs to Watch

If you’re like us, you probably need some new music to get you through these final weeks of holiday shopping, crunch time at work or studying for finals. Luckily, November’s Artists and DJs to Watch, while all diverse, have one thing in common: their tracks will power you through the rest of 2019. 

This month you’ll meet an identical twin whose bubbly pop music was inspired by computer games, a Jimi Hendrix fan who built the studio he works out of, and several DJs who are as talented at running parties as they are at spinning. Read on to learn more about this talented group of creatives, and tune in to our Instagram and Twitter for more Artists and DJs to Watch each week.


Milan Ring

  • First upload: A demo he recorded with his first band
  • Hometown: Sydney, Australia
  • Influences: Jimi Hendrix, Aaliyah, Stevie Wonder
  • Fun fact: He built his current studio with his best friend
  • Stream now: “Step Back”

Jakob Campbell

  • First upload: A freestyle to “Versace” by the Migos
  • Hometown: Denver, Colorado 
  • Influences: Andre 3000, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne
  • Fun fact: He’s a member of the Denver based collective, Root Nation
  • Stream now: “Live In This Moment” 


Jasper Lotti




  • Homebase: Liverpool, UK
  • Genres: House, Techno, Ambient
  • Fun fact: Breakwave’s secret party series, Maine Nacht, was listed as one of Mixmag’s top events in the world.
  • Pro tip: Breakwave’s approach to uploading puts quality above quantity; her SC profile is a highlight reel of her mixes and sets


  • Homebase: Medellìn, Colombia
  • Genres: House, Techno, Electronic
  • Fun fact: Julianna helped found Doce, the only electronic-music-centered record store in Medellìn
  • Pro tip: Julianna’s activism and advocacy for Colombia’s electronic music scene extends to her SoundCloud profile, where she uses her reposts and song descriptions to help fans learn more about Colombia


  • Homebase: Berlin, Germany
  • Genres: Techno, Rave, EBM
  • Fun fact: She’s a member of the legendary Discwoman collective
  • Pro tip: VTSS separates her tracks, mixes, and live sets into folders making it easy for fans to enjoy each avenue of her artistry

John Osborn

  • Homebase: Berlin, Germany
  • Genres: House, Techno, Deep House
  • Fun fact: Osborn serves as the founder and creative director of two labels: DRED and TANSTAAFL records
  • Pro tip: By combining his personal and label profiles onto one page, Osborn keeps his fans engaged with all the various projects he’s involved in

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