Hear the collab from “Studio Sessions: The Bridge” Ep. 3, Miami

Hear the collab from “Studio Sessions: The Bridge” Ep. 3, Miami

This fall we asked rappers, songwriters and producers across the country to send us their original music for a shot at being featured on Studio Sessions: The Bridge, our contest series that brings four talented artists together to make a hit record in under eight hours. 

So far, Atlanta and Chicago have set the bar high. But with Miami steadily producing some of music’s biggest breakout stars (and being the place we took our latest SoundCloud Creator Forum), it was no surprise that this episode’s crew came with talent to spare. As soon as Cosmo the Truth, CARSON, MOTHER GOAT and Xcelencia settled in at A2F Studios they found their rhythm, and it became clear that SoFla was bringing some serious heat to session #3 of The Bridge.

All it took was one beat from Cosmo the Truth to kick things off. With MOTHER GOAT pulling a concept from thin-air, Xcelencia weaving in his unique urbano flair and CARSON taking the track home with a stunning outro – the tropical banger “Winter in Miami” was born. Watch how it allow went down via the video below.

Meet the artists

Cosmo the Truth

Cosmo the Truth is a Florida-based producer, engineer, and songwriter whose effervescent instrumentals fuse Caribbean, African, and American soundscapes into a sound all his own. Inspired to pursue music by his older sister, TT the Artist, Cosmo has spent years honing his skills while working with artists like XXXTENTACION, Koly P & Dirty 1000. Currently the multi-hyphenate musician is working on his debut EP “COSMO” which he plans to produce and write himself. 


Raised in East Palo Alto, MOTHER GOAT is a rapper and songwriter with deep roots in Miami. After moving from Florida to Inglewood, she hustled her way from living out of a U-Haul to becoming a professional songwriter for Atlantic Records and Warner Chappell. With her next album “MotherZone” due in February 2020, it seems like all her hard work will soon pay off.


Xcelencia is a rapper, songwriter, and producer who wears his Cuban and Puerto Rican heritage proudly on his sleeve. His genre-bending approach to urbano music recently caught the ears of SXSW’s artist committee which announced he will be performing at the festival in 2020.  For his new album “Insomnio,” Xcelencia plans to release a new single weekly to amplify his rising status as an artist to watch. 


Carson is a vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from South Florida. Her alternative R&B-tinged tunes place her silky voice front and center. Currently Carson is methodically crafting a body of work that reflects her experiences and showcases her artistry to the world.

Toronto is the final destination for this season of The Bridge. But it’s just the beginning. Hoping for a chance to be featured in a future episode? Keep uploading your original music and tagging it #studiosessions. We’ll be listening.

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