Learn how to turn an iPhone recording into a deep house bop with KASPERG

Learn how to turn an iPhone recording into a deep house bop with KASPERG

KASPERG is a 26-year-old producer, musician and DJ known for his rhythmically-melodic house music. When he isn’t playing drums for the Finnish pop sensation Alma, he’s a globetrotting DJ who splits his time between Berlin, Helsinki and London.

Today on Studio Sessions: The Breakdown, KASPERG pulls back the curtain on his latest single, “Good Right Here” ft. Kailaa, a song he built around an iPhone voice memo. 

KASPERG first started “Good Right Here” in London during a songwriting session with singer, Kaliaa. He could tell that the pair had something special on their hands, so he started taping their ideas on his iPhone. Later, back in his Berlin studio, KASPERG decided to drop those recordings directly into Logic, using them as the basis of his track. After laying down his trademark drum loops, chopping up Kaliaa’s vocals and pulling in piano chords, a 3-in-1 bass sound and his signature “AH” sample, KASPERG finished the track on his tour bus after a show.

“Good Right Here” is a fitting title, because no matter where he is, KASPERG makes the most with what he has. If you’re also an artist who doesn’t mind creating on the go, let us know by @ing us on Twitter and mentioning #studiosessions.

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