Bring your workflow on the go with track and Spotlight editing on mobile

Bring your workflow on the go with track and Spotlight editing on mobile

As part of our commitment to giving you what you need to make a career in music, this year SoundCloud is rolling out even more mobile workflow tools, so you can keep creating anytime, anywhere. Now when you’re on the move and inspiration strikes, you don’t have to wait to update your tracks because Spotlight and track editing have landed on mobile.

Edit tracks on mobile

Snapped the perfect shot for your album art…but you’re on the bus? Now you can add it with just a few taps. At your friend’s house when they convince you to drop that song you’ve been sitting on? You can give your private demo a final track title and turn it public from the palm of your hand.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Within the latest version of the SoundCloud app, select the track you want to update
  • Tap the three dots
  • Select “Edit track” 
  • Update your artwork, track titles, descriptions, genre and privacy settings on the spot
  • Once your tracks are ready to go, you can turn them from private to public
  • After all that hard work, make sure your best tracks get heard first with the Spotlight feature, available to SoundCloud Pro subscribers

Spotlight tracks on mobile

In addition to being able to update your profile and tracks, you can now also pin your best work with Spotlight from your phone – giving you more convenience and control wherever you go. 

Want your buzziest release to be the first thing fans see? Now you can pin the track from your phone the second it starts picking up speed. Or maybe you’re playing a show and want Spotlight to reflect your setlist. You can create a playlist of your live set and pin it to the top of your profile minutes after hopping off stage. 

Here’s how to get started:

  • Just tap on the “Pin items to your profile” banner
  • Select up to five tracks, albums or playlists and hit “Done” 
  • Review and save your selections
  • See your priority content pinned to Spotlight where fans can play it the second they land on your profile

Originally accessible on desktop only, mobile track and Spotlight editing are now available on the latest version of the SoundCloud mobile app on iOS and Android.

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