Meet February’s Artists and DJs to Watch

Meet February’s Artists and DJs to Watch

This February, in honor of Black History month, we’re introducing you to nine rising Artists and DJs from across the African diaspora. In case you don’t recognize them already via our Instagram or Twitter, here’s another chance to get familiar. 

This month you’ll meet: a Nigerian pop star with dreams of becoming a billionaire, an Aretha Franklin-inspired singer who just played her first show, and a freestyle dancer who also knows how to get loose on the turntables. Read on for more facts, tunes and the Black History Month moments and people that have inspired February’s Artists and DJs to Watch.

Artists to Watch


  • Hometown:  Lagos, Nigeria
  • Influences:  Michael Jackson 
  • Fun fact: She’s a big foodie
  • Black History Month inspiration: “I am a really big basketball fan and seeing the powerful impact of Kobe Bryant’s recent passing indeed shows you how being black is not just about you but the responsibility to use your talent and the platform to uplift the world.”
  • Stream now: “Billionaire”

Zion & Brandz

  • First Upload:

Z – A song he made in the youth center to impress a girl

B – “Hate the Kid” 

  • Hometown:

Z – South London, UK

B – North West London, UK

  • Influences:  

Z – Usher, Justin Bieber & Drake

B – Aaliyah, Partynextdoor & Tory Lanez

  • Fun fact: They’re both inspired by black entrepreneurs like Jay-Z 
  • Black History Month inspiration:

Z-  “All the black entrepreneurs who are helping us keep ownership of our stuff. Top of my head I’d say Jay Z.”

B – “Roddy Ricch right now is really making history as his album in the US has been number 1 for some time. Battling with people like Selena Gomez. Real inspiration… especially in honor of Black History Month.”


Curtis Roach

  • First Upload: “The Odd Ones” 
  • Hometown:  Detroit, Michigan
  • Influences:  Prince, Tyler the Creator & Funkadelic
  • Fun facts: He’s left-handed, blonde and loves cats
  • Black History Month inspiration: “Every day black people make history. Period. A moment that inspired me most was Beyoncé’s Homecoming Performance at Coachella; it was a very powerful performance and a powerful statement for black artists and black women.”
  • Stream now: “Luv Bug”

DJS to Watch

Baronhawk Poitier

  • Homebase: Washington DC
  • Genres: House, Techno & Electronic
  • Fun fact: In addition to DJing, Baronhawk Poitier is an avid freestyle dancer and producer.
  • Pro tip: Baronhawk uses his profile to help promote the non-for-profit organization he volunteers for, the Urban Artistry dance company

Ash Lauryn

  • Homebase: Atlanta, GA
  • Genres: Techno, Electronic and Deep House
  • Fun fact: Ash Lauryn’s specialty is discovering and spinning underground dance music.
  • Pro tip: Ash Lauryn keeps a playlist of all her NTS radio show episodes, helping her fans stay in the loop

MoMA Ready

  • Homebase: New York, NY
  • Genres: Deep House and Techno
  • Fun fact: MoMA Ready runs his own label, HAUS of ALTR
  • Pro tip: To get his listeners hyped on his new record, MoMA Ready posted previews of all the tracks in advance 

Turtle Bugg

  • Homebase: Detroit, MI
  • Genres: Funk, Trance and House
  • Fun fact: Turtle Bugg is one half of the group Soul 2 Seoul
  • Pro tip: To provide context around his “Too Black Mix (No EDM)” upload, Turtle Bugg wrote a beautiful essay describing his experiences as a black DJ in America

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