Last week the SoundCloud Creator Forum brought DJ workshops, mental health panels and more to Toronto

Last week the SoundCloud Creator Forum brought DJ workshops, mental health panels and more to Toronto

From left to right: Adrian X, Just John, Tasha The Amazon, Rose Lilah, DJ Rosegold

From February 19-21 we brought the SoundCloud Creator Forum to Toronto to show some love to the 6 and bring our best-in-class creator resources to the music community that’s taking hip-hop into uncharted territories in 2020.

Equalizing DJ culture

On day one, hundreds of aspiring DJs attended DJ Chippy Nonstop’s progressive Intersessions workshops that strive to upend gender disparity in electronic music while teaching aspiring DJs the basics of the craft. Outside of the classroom, others were still learning from SoundCloud’s artist relations team and members of Repost on how to get the most out of the platform and build on their music’s momentum.  

Expanding your sound beyond your scene

After celebrating diversity in music, we focused on diversifying your networks and brand to expand your reach. Rookz, founder of Sandbox Studios gave a keynote on creating online and offline communities, and panels themed “Music Beyond Borders” armed creators with tips on building careers beyond their city’s limits. And then everyone got to practice what was preached, using screen printers to create some drip so they could take their brands to the streets. 

Getting your mind right 

To close out, we brought everyone back to what matters: the artists behind the music. With an open conversation around mental health in the music industry, it was clear finding sustainable success through wellness is more important than ever before – and a topic we’ll be bringing to future forums (like AVA in the UK next week). 

The night ended with a showcase featuring who’s next in Toronto music: TOBi, Amaal Nuux, Jayd Ink, DJ ROSEGOLD and special guest anders, followed by the SoundCloud x Undisposable AfterParty for those who wanted to keep the party going. 

More resources for all

And the content from the Toronto SoundCloud Creator Forum doesn’t end here; we’ve filmed these talks and panels so that if you’re not able to attend IRL, you can still tap into the expert tips. Best way to stay in the know is subscribe to our YouTube channel to catch the latest videos. 
Want another perspective? Head over to HotNewHipHop or Quip Magazine for the the gems they picked up from the week.

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