Introducing a new way for creators and fans to connect

Introducing a new way for creators and fans to connect

Last week we gave you 7 tips on how to stay connected to your fans, and today we’re introducing another way to do that. With artist shortcuts, followers can now see if their favorite artists have uploaded or reposted a track the second they open their apps. So whether it’s your newest demo you’d like feedback on, or the repost of that track ft. your guest verse – your biggest supporters will hear it first. 

Artist shortcuts give you a direct line to your day-ones and have been shown to increase engagement with tracks by more than 25%. You can use this momentum to build your relationships even more by responding to feedback, asking questions or tossing early adopters a “thank you” in the comments – and most importantly, reminding your fans to hit that orange Follow button if they haven’t already. Because more followers means more fans will see your latest updates and drive up your plays. 

How to build deeper connections with artist shortcuts:

  • Bring your follower count up: use your socials to drive new fans to your profile, drop your SoundCloud handle next time you take the mic, or add the link to the bottom of your email 
  • Share new music consistently so fans can see when you’ve recently uploaded or reposted a track
  • Repost your favorite tracks or latest collabs so fans can get to know your taste and see what else you’re working on
  • Keep connecting with your audience by following / commenting back and DMing exclusive content; they’ll appreciate the look and reciprocate by engaging back and upping your stats

Make connections anytime, anywhere

As the only place where creators and fans come together to push music culture forward, it’s now even easier to connect in real-time with artist shortcuts on mobile. Best of all? With uploading also available on iOS, you can build those authentic relationships anytime, anywhere. In the coming months we’ll be rolling out even more updates that personalize your SoundCloud experience, so be sure to keep tabs on our socials and blog.

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