30,000 SoundCloud COVID-19 drops… and counting

30,000 SoundCloud COVID-19 drops… and counting

Whoever said working from home wasn’t productive was wrong. Since the coronavirus pandemic began in January, we’ve seen more than 30,000 tracks uploaded that are titled or tagged COVID-19. That number is both staggering and a good sign that creators are making the most of their time indoors. 

So if you’re looking for relevant tunes that go the (social) distance, or needing some inspiration to start recording your own, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for some of our favorite “quarantine drops” so far, and check out our newest playlist, QUARANTINE: The Latest Uploads from Isolation to keep the music going.

Diplo – Corona World Tour (Live from Lazer Sound Studios)

For anyone still lamenting their canceled festival plans, Diplo’s daily live streams should help soften the blow. Catch up everything the superstar DJ has spun so far by hitting his SoundCloud page. 

Lil Nix – “corona virus”

Lil Nix’s “corona virus” is worth a listen for its cough-sampling instrumental alone. On top of that, Nix’s hilarious bars should add a little bit of levity to your quarantine playlist. 


If you haven’t seen Cardi B’s epic instagram COVID-19 warning yet, first off you’re welcome.  Secondly, now this amazing BREGAFUNK remix by Brazilian producer FZIRO should be even more entertaining. 


Smokepurrp’s lyrics may not have anything to do with COVID-19, but we’ll never say no to a new banger from the Florida based rap phenom. 


Ironically, mobilegirl’s “SOCIALDISTANCETUNE” sounds like the perfect soundtrack to night out on the town with some friends. Until then, the sultry electronic tune should sound just as good at home. 

Call Me Karizma – “Quarantine with Me” 

For a song inspired by a global pandemic, Call Me Karizma’s “Quarantine with Me” is a ridiculously charming alt-rock banger. 


Are you wondering whether or not now is a good time to touch your face? Let The Dan Band clear that up for you with his punctual new track.

Khalid – “wildflower (rough)” 

Some say that prettiest flowers often grow from the roughest conditions. Whoever they are, they definitely need to hear this beautiful new demo from Khalid.

SKAAR – “Dog Eat Dog (The Quarantine Song)” 

SKAAR’s “Dog Eat Dog” is a snarky pop tune about the selfishness of hoarding during a pandemic–and maybe if enough people hear it there’ll be some toilet paper left the next time you head to the grocery store.

phem – i guess the world is ending

To be clear, the world is definitely not ending.  Luckily, that doesn’t make this bubbly-pessimistic pop tune from LA’s phem any less fun to listen to. 

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – “Face 2 Face Mix”

Trying to turn your living room into an impromptu dance floor? Then Oxford-based DJ, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, has you covered with his latest mix. 

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