Introducing Repost Rewind: Our picks plucked directly from the music you send us

Introducing Repost Rewind: Our picks plucked directly from the music you send us

When you distribute music with Repost by SoundCloud, you can get heard by new fans all over the world. But maybe a lesser known fact? You’re also getting heard by us: SoundCloud’s Quality Control team of in-house listening experts that review every single track.

As you can imagine, we listen to tons of fresh independent music on a daily basis as part of quality checking creator submissions. Repost Rewind is the new monthly blog series where we get to play back the tracks that stand out and give deserving artists their shine. So whether you’re here to listen, or get ideas for your next release, we suggest you pour a glass of something, fire up the scented candles & dig in to the first batch of tracks plucked from the minds and spreadsheets of us here in the Quality Control team.

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Ford Stems – “Shibuya”

Neck-snappingly effective hip-hop beats & instrumentals from Parisian Ford Stems. Loosely swung drums marry with dusty samples across this six-track EP, deftly managing to sound textured and worn but crisp and monochrome at the same time.

For fans of: Dabrye, Shigeto, DJ Shadow

Jachary – “Raincheck”

New York’s Jachary seamlessly blends everything that was great about seventies rock and nineties lo-fi and encapsulates it into an impossibly catchy 3-minute track. “Raincheck” is a laser-guided earworm, designed to waft out of a window, into your ears & stay embedded there for months.

For fans of: Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Drugdealer, Steely Dan

D. Bridge – “Origami”

Top tier hip-hop from Milwaukee’s D. Bridge (not to be confused with the UK legend of the same name), featuring Gerald Walker, Michael Anthony and a then on-the-cusp-of-being-massive Chance The Rapper

Stylish lyricism & classy delivery run the duration, over an instrumental which sounds like it was unearthed from a vault locked away in the nineties golden era.

For fans of: Chance The Rapper, Joey Bada$$, Souls of Mischief

FiFi Rong – “Love Is A Lonely Thing (Part 1)” 

Londoner FiFi Rong crafts a beguiling mix of Pop, Electronica, Alternative R&B, Avant-garde and UK Bass music – elements of which flicker & whirl in abundance throughout this track.

As well as collaborations with Tricky, Phaeleh & Yello, her vocal talents featured prominently on the opening track of Skepta’s Mercury Prize winning album Konichiwa.”

For fans of: Bat For Lashes, Lana Del Rey, FKA Twigs

Muskrat – “Lacewing”

DIY dream pop recorded in the bedroom studio of Brooklyn’s Muskrat
This one wouldn’t sound out of place on a Captured Tracks compilation or on your weekly discover playlist. 

For fans of: TOPS, Broken Social Scene, Weyes Blood

Palence – “Echo Epoch”

A firm office favourite here, in the form of a 23-minute mixtape from Londoner Palence

Echo Epoch channels a mixture of fuzzy post-rock riffs, reverb-washed jangles and scuffed basement drums onto a tape-saturated canvas.

For fans of: Mogwai, Atlas Sound, Forest Swords

Peregrihn – “Glow Tide”

Pure 80’s synth-ology, blissed out to the point that I suspect Peregrihn has listened to Software’sDigital Dance LP” more than a fair few times (we’re pretty sure they’d love it, if not).

Nonetheless, “Glow Tide” is an amalgamation of gorgeous vintage sounds collectively conjuring up dreamy, tropical night scenes.

For fans of: Com Truise, Lone, Software

Machine Woman – “Gift Of Admiration And Gratitude”

The QC team is based in Berlin, so of course we had to fit a dancefloor heater in there. 

Brought to you by way of Berlin-based Machine Woman, “Gift Of Admiration And Gratitude” is an uptempo cruiser, featuring a classic deep house motif orbiting around scattered drums and neatly employed FX.

For fans of: Regelbau, Gene on Earth, Youandewan

Argo & Celeste Collins – “Bye”

Late-night, introspective listening on French collective Gold Prospector Records.

“Bye” is a woozy, gorgeous interplay c/o Argo & Celeste Collins, featuring beats by the former and the luxurious vocals of the latter. The attention to detail here deservingly propels the track out of the “lofi beats” genre, landing somewhere between the LA beats scene and loungey neo-soul.

For fans of: Andreya Triana, Lapalux, Mndsgn

Lutras – “Pareidolia”

Our final selection is some seriously well-produced electronica from South Korean producer Lutras – audibly referencing a few heavyweights of the genre, but strong enough to carve an identity of its own. 

For fans of: Floating Points, Jon Hopkins, Apparat

• • • Very Honorable Mention • • •

Charles Segal

Recently, we saw the first music submissions from Guinness World Record-holder Charles Segal – at 90 years old, he is currently the Most Recorded Pianist in the world, with over 27,000 uploads on his SoundCloud page alone.

After fleeing to South Africa from the impending Russian Bolshevik invasion in 1930’s Lithuania, his decorated (and ongoing) career saw him perform with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe and Duke Ellington

His deftness at the piano also extends to having a keen eye for tidy metadata submissions, and we’re sure the man himself would agree that having his releases pass quality checks ranks highly on his list of accolades. 🏆

Read more about his pretty incredible story here & check out one of his catchiest tracks here.

All tracks are taken from creators using Repost by SoundCloud to distribute their work. We listen to every submission, so if your track passes quality checks & our team likes what they hear, it’s eligible to be selected in future editions.

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