Get your music on millions of car stereos, smart speakers and phones with SoundCloud Radio

Get your music on millions of car stereos, smart speakers and phones with SoundCloud Radio

A few months ago we launched our distribution and marketing engine Repost by SoundCloud so serious artists can make a living from their music while staying independent. And today we’re launching a new station with Dash Radio so Repost members have even more ways to reach new audiences wherever they’re listening. 

With 12M monthly subscribers tuning in from their cars, homes and online, Dash Radio – like SoundCloud – is known for breaking artists. It’s where Billie Eilish had her first radio appearance, where Post Malone gave his first interview, and it’s now the home of SoundCloud Radio: 24/7 programming with 100% of the music coming from artists like you.  

Both Repost and Repost Select artists that have distributed content are eligible for placement on SoundCloud Radio. Repost Select artists can submit their tracks for consideration on their Repost dashboards by navigating to “Promotion” then “Pitch to Partners.” Their tracks will also be considered for our “Emerging Artists Hour” weekly program that gives the brightest talent some additional shine.  

Where to submit tracks within your Repost Select dashboard.

While Repost Select gives you a direct line to SoundCloud Radio curators, artists who join Repost by SoundCloud and distribute a track are automatically on our radar. So whether you’re an independent musician looking for full-service marketing and distribution, or a professional artist ISO an expert team who will work to accelerate your career at your direction, we’ve got a plan for that. Learn more about both Repost and Repost Select HERE.

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