Global Pride 2020: The future is…Popoff Kitchen

Global Pride 2020: The future is…Popoff Kitchen

SoundCloud provides a platform for anyone, anywhere to express themselves freely and connect with like-minded creatives. Throughout Pride Month we’ll be sharing the stories of global collectives who are building networks in the name of inclusivity, while giving you ways to support their missions and create your own communities. 

Nikita Egorov-Kirillov, founder of Popoff Kitchen

The future is Popoff Kitchen

Amidst Russia’s oppresive anti-LGBT rhetoric, Nikita Egorov-Kirillov’s queer party, Popoff Kitchen is a beacon of hope. Nikita started the party back in 2017, after realizing he didn’t quite mesh into Moscow’s existing queer scene. So drawing inspiration from Berlin club culture, he began building a collective on his own terms.

Unlike most parties, Nikita tells us, he relied on humor and codes to help spread the word. “I promoted my parties as cooking master classes–dinners, brunches etc. Listing the DJs as chefs helped me to be public & secret at the same time and gather guests who were familiar with Berghain, Cocktail d’Amore and Pornceptual, but didn’t go out in Moscow.”

Over the past three years, Popoff Kitchen has held over 40 parties–collaborating with European collectives to bring their events to Moscow. Their “features list” reads like a countdown of the best queer techno parties from across the world including Pornceptual from Berlin, Bizarre Love Triangle from Paris, and FOMO from Stockholm. The collabs have not only brought crowds, but are in line with the Kitchen’s ultimate mission: “to integrate Moscow into a global, gay electronic dance music community.” 

Pride amid the crisis

Today Popoff Kitchen is battling back against both COVID-19 and Russia’s anti-LGBTQ restrictions. And though the pandemic has shuttered most of the Kitchen’s plans Nikita remains hopeful. “Even in such hard times,” he stresses, “there’s a place for new ideas and narratives.”  

The future is you, too

Nikita’s advice for others hoping to follow in his footsteps are similarly aspirational. “There will always be doubts and fears when you create something new,” he shares.

“But, truly believing in your idea and dream is contagious. Start by yourself and soon you’ll find your team, unexpected support and followers” 

On June 28th, the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, Popoff Kitchen is banding together with the Russian AIDS Center, LGBTQ magazine O-zine, and several other organizations to launch the online project “Russian Queer Pride.” In Nikita’s words: “In Russia, gay Prides are banned [so] we decided to create digital Pride. So I ask everyone no matter their gender, sexual orientation, or location to support us by posting a photo or video to Instagram with #russianqueerpride on June 28.”  

Local artists to support

Nikita recommends you follow Popoff Kitchen residents: Kirill Shapovalov, Roma Ptashenko, Raumtester, DJ TEETH, Séxstasy & Rakans.

He says while each of them have a different background and unique aesthetics, they’re somehow they are all Popoff Kitchen kids for sure – and all set up for global success.

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