Meet June’s Artists and DJs to Watch

Meet June’s Artists and DJs to Watch

With all that’s happening in the world, it can be more challenging than ever to be an artist, particularly for people of color and members of the LGBTQIA community. Yet, creatives not only persist, they continue to create and inspire future generations.

This month we’re re-introducing you to a few Artists and DJs to Watch you may have seen on our Instagram or Twitter. In addition to giving you a little bit of their background, we’ll share their advice to the next generation pushing for future change. 

Read on for facts, tunes and thoughtful quotes from June’s Artists and DJs to Watch.

Artists to Watch


  • First upload: A freestyle to Migos’ “Versace” instrumental 
  • Hometown: Lüneburg, Germany
  • Influences: J Cole, Dominic Fike and The Beatles
  • Fun fact: He only moved to Toronto 3 years ago “because of a cheap flight” 
  • Advice for the next generation pushing for social change: “Be aware of what you’re being taught, question the news, your teachers, leaders and others in power. Speak up. Research and spread awareness. Resist hate and never forget how to love.”
  • Stream now: “For a Minute”

Lorraine James

  • First upload: A Britney Spears remix
  • Hometown: London, UK
  • Influences: Xzavier Stone, SOPHIE and Telefon Tel Aviv
  • Fun fact: She describes her music as “Listen, and make up your mind because I don’t know” 
  • Advice for the next generation pushing for social change: “Do your thing and be true to yourself cos I think it’s damaging if not.” 
  • Stream now: “dunno really”

Dot Cromwell

  • First upload: “Paid n Full”
  • Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
  • Influences: Nas, Jay Z and Lauryn Hill
  • Fun fact: He speaks in a hybrid mix of Philadelphian and New York slang
  • Advice for the next generation pushing for social change: “For the next generation I’d say KEEP THIS ENERGY, focus on collaboration, & stay present while studying the past…it’s the only way to map our future.”
  • Stream now: “Ghost Ride” ft. Lord Afrixana 

DJs to Watch


  • Homebase: Ashanti Region of Ghana, West Africa
  • Fun fact: He has 3 production credits on Beyonce album, The Lion King: The Gift
  • Pro tip: GuiltyBeatz maintains a prolific release schedule, keeping his fans coming back to his profile often
  • Advice for the next generation pushing for social change: “We are the generation that will bridge the gap. I truly believe in that. We need to educate ourselves on our history, politics, science. We need to connect ourselves in business, music, medicine etc. What we do now will impact our next generation. We must teach our next generation to love and respect regardless of colour or place of origin.”

Jasmine Infiniti

  • Homebase: NYC
  • Fun fact: Jasmine describes her music as being about “taking hell and having fun with it.” Check out her latest EP BXTCH SLÄP to see for yourself
  • Pro tip: With mixes like “#BTLM” (#BlackTransLivesMatter) Jasmine uses her page to stand for what she believes while giving her community a place to release through music
  • Advice for the next generation pushing for social change: “I say to these next generations of warriors pushing for better futures, stay strong and open-minded, but never give up the fight and always be ready and willing to be uncomfortable to pave the way for those who are coming behind you.”

Sippin’ T

  • Homebase: London, UK
  • Fun fact: Their sound “encapsulates all facets of black house music, from its origins to its new evolutions”
  • Pro tip: By recording and grouping all of their Pride 2020 sets they gave fans who visit their profile an easy way to keep the celebrations going
  • Advice for the next generation pushing for social change: “Value yourselves more than your fear.”

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