Meet the artists selected for our “i am OTHER, Volume 1” project and stream the album everywhere today

Meet the artists selected for our “i am OTHER, Volume 1” project and stream the album everywhere today

Tune in to SoundCloud’s Twitch channel on Monday, July 13, beginning at 11am PT / 2pm ET for a special edition of SoundCloud’s Fresh Pressed, featuring appearances from the artists featured on i am OTHER, Volume 1.

Though the coronavirus has hit the music industry hard, it has created an outpouring of creativity and incredible music. In April we announced our partnership with Pharrell Williams and i am OTHER and asked the global SoundCloud community to share original tracks inspired by the moment, using the hashtag #SCxiamOTHER. After receiving over 25,000 submissions, your creativity has inspired us.

Today we are proud to reveal the ten tracks selected for “i am OTHER, Volume 1.” Read on to meet the group of artists whose songs impressed Pharrell, and beginning tomorrow, stream the album on repeat, since all proceeds from SoundCloud and i am OTHER will go directly to Sweet Relief and  Help Musicians, two charitable organizations who are on the frontlines supporting artists.

Listen to i am OTHER, Volume 1 now

The world has continued to change since we first announced this compilation project. People around the globe are joining together to fight for social justice and racial equality. To be part of the fight for longstanding change, SoundCloud and i am OTHER will continue to work together to elevate voices encouraging us all to stand up and speak out. Today we’re announcing i am OTHER, Volume 2a new compilation project highlighting innovative work from emerging artists that promotes messages of power, unity, and love. More details on i am OTHER, Volume 2 and how you can submit your tracks to be announced soon. 

Meet the artists


Track selected: “Couch” 

Homebase: Los Angeles, CA 

DLP and NSTASIA have musical chemistry. The superstar producer and songstress combo mesh their unique talents on the woozy yet sultry banger “couch.” With NSTASIA on a feature hot streak and DLP partnering up with SoundCloud to launch his own label, “The Future will Bang” this is far from the last you’ll be hearing from the pair. 


Track selected: “pothead” 

Homebase: Los Angeles, CA

With a golden pen and an ear for infectious indie pop melodies, thomboi is a singer-songwriter on the rise. On “pothead” they paint the numbness of drug use in stunning detail, laying sincere lyricism into heart wrenching production. With writing credits for Troye Sivan and Martin Garrix under their belt, thomboi is clearly a rising voice. 


Track selected: “Rickey Smiley

Homebase: Atlanta, Georgia

While Mophead’s signature blonde afro may be what first catches your eye, it’s her razor sharp bars that will hold your attention. Originally a visual artist, Mophead’s vivid lyrics and animated charisma are a winning combo.  It’s only a matter of time before she’s on tour with similar minded rap heavyweights like DaBaby and Stunna 4 Vegas

Big Mont

Track selected: “My Own Eyes”

Hometown: Peekskill, NY 

Peekskill, NY may not be known as a rap haven, but Big Mont could very well change that. The self-produced rapper weaves intricate rhymes into his own soulful beats, striking a balance that’ll excite rap purists and casual listeners alike. 


Track selected: “Games”

Homebase: Los Angeles, CA

It only takes a few seconds of listening to glvsshouse’s “Games” to realize the LA-based singer, songwriter and producer has a gem on his hands. A former punk frontman, Glvsshouse is a pro at wearing his heart on his sleeve while looking effortlessly cool doing it. 

Kota the Friend

Track selected: “B.Q.E (#BLM)”

Homebase: Brooklyn, NY

When Kota the friend says that he’s “self-made” he isn’t kidding. The 27-year old rapper has honed his independent hustle, growing his fanbase on his own terms.  “BQE (#BLM)” is a tribute to the NYC train lines that undoubtedly helped him make that journey. 

Shaylin B.

Track selected: “Magic”

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Shaylin B.’s singing voice is super naturally smooth. Having been singing since she was 5 years old, it’s no wonder her signature sound puts her heavenly vocals front and center. With “Magic” she makes love sound like a mystical force that, just like her career, is sure to grow quickly with time. 

Dot Cromwell

Track selected: “God Bless”

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Hailing from Philadelphia and based in Brooklyn, Dot Cromwell is an artist with a talent for pulling beautiful songs from challenging places.  “God Bless” is an optimistic anthem that couldn’t have come at a better time. Over trap drums and gospel organs, Dot paints a picture of a brighter tomorrow. 

Mike SB

Track selected: Slow Day

Hometown: Broward County, FL

When eclectic tastes meet flawless execution you get an artist like Mike SB.  The 24 year old South Florida native cites a range of musicians from Eminem and 2Pac to Limp Bizkit and Metallica as his influences. Yet as crazy as that list sounds, on bangers like “Slow Day” Mike SB makes it work with ease.


Track selected: Wake Up As You

Hometown: Berlin, Germany

Ruuth is destined for the festival mainstage. The Berlin based songstress makes larger than life pop, where technicolour synths glow behind her stunning voice. Having already conquered Hype Machine’s #1 slot with her first upload “All About”, Ruuth is well on her way to the top of Coachella’s marquee.

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