Meet Help Musicians: the UK charity with a 100-year track record of supporting artists

Meet Help Musicians: the UK charity with a 100-year track record of supporting artists

When you stream the “i am OTHER, Volume 1” compilation album you’re not just listening to an amazing selection of tracks hand-picked by SoundCloud x i am OTHER. All the proceeds generated from the plays and purchases go to two great causes on the frontlines of supporting artists.

Help Musicians has been working for almost 100 years to make a meaningful difference in the lives of artists across the UK. The charity offers practical, positive support for emerging, professional and retired musicians across all genres in times of crisis and opportunity. Understanding the massive impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on the music community, they’ve launched a series of Hardship Funding initiatives to provide emotional and financial help for those most impacted.

Their fundraising efforts, which include the proceeds from “i am OTHER, Volume 1,” all directly support working artists. Through Phase One of Help Musicians’ Hardship Funding, Jamie from the Scottish DJ duo, Shaka Loves You, was able to collect a grant of £500 to help alleviate some of the immediate financial pressures musicians are facing as a result of lockdown. The charity has now moved onto Phase Two of its Hardship Funding, supporting musicians who are ineligible for government emergency safety nets or unable to survive on what they receive.

On top of the charity’s coronavirus aid, it also continues to run its regular suite of creative funding, health & welfare and business support, including its Do It Differently Fund. Joy Anonymous, a rising London-based multi-instrumentalist, artist and producer, recently received this support and was able to collect £3,000 to assist in the creation of new music, as well as 1:1 career advice and health support. With this funding he plans to promote and release three planned 2020 singles, so stay tuned for those in the coming months. 

If you’re looking to receive support or learn more, you can visit this essential organization’s website. To contribute to Help Musician’s cause you can stream the “i am OTHER, Volume 1” album now or make a donation here.

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