Meet Sweet Relief: an artist-founded charity providing resources for musicians in need

Meet Sweet Relief: an artist-founded charity providing resources for musicians in need

When you stream the “i am OTHER, Volume 1” compilation album you’re not just listening to an amazing selection of tracks hand-picked by SoundCloud x i am OTHER. All the proceeds generated from the plays and purchases go to two great causes on the frontlines of supporting artists.

Over the past 24 years Sweet Relief has offered vital assistance to professional musicians in need. The organization was founded by singer-songwriter Victoria Williams who had to drop out of a career-defining tour with Neil Young due to what eventually was diagnosed as multiple sclerosis. Her non-profit now works to assist all types of career musicians in similar situations who are struggling with illness, disability or age-related issues. 

With the challenges posed by the current pandemic, Sweet Relief’s work has grown even more essential. For a real-life example look no further than classical singer Cristina Fontanelli. In mid-March she contracted COVID-19. Sweet Relief came to her aid, helping her pay medical bills and remain financially stable despite her loss of income. Prior to this, she received relief that helped her get back on her feet after 9/11. Now healthy and back creating, Cristina is thankful that Sweet Relief was there both times when she needed them most.

If you’re looking to receive support or want to learn more, you visit this essential organization’s website. To contribute to their cause you can stream the “i am OTHER, Volume 1” album now or make a donation here

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