Meet July’s Artists and DJs to Watch

Meet July’s Artists and DJs to Watch

If you follow us on Instagram and/or Twitter you might have already seen that July’s DJs and Artists to Watch are a roster of impressive acts from around the world – including a South Korean DJ who knows her way around soul classics, a self-produced rapper turning trap into his namesake, and a R&B DJ who’s following in his famous father’s footsteps. 

And best of all, this month’s group of standout talent is not only moving us with their music, but encouraging others to take action with their tips for how you, too, can drive social change. Read on to get inspired in all types of ways.  

DJs to Watch


  • Hometown: London, UK
  • Genre(s): Electronic, Club & Footwork
  • Fun fact: Yazzus is a member of the collective 6 Figure Gang
  • Advice for the next generation pushing for social change: “The first piece of advice for pushing social change would be to keep momentum and continuously talk about it. Changing societal structures won’t happen overnight and to get results it takes continued pressure on governments to do so! My 2nd piece of advice is to make sure you have a support system around you, be it your friends or family.” 

Cory Townes

  • Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
  • Genre(s): R&B, Soul & House
  • Fun fact: Cory’s father is the famous DJ Jazzy Jeff
  • Advice for the next generation: “I’d tell anyone looking to push for the change we truly need in this world, that it’s ok to take time and find your voice. Activism has many forms and how you choose to stand up and speak out can differ from the next person’s. But when you do find your voice and your means of activism, use it and use it loudly. Our words and actions are slowly and surely creating change.”


  • Hometown: Berlin, Germany
  • Genre(s): Techno
  • Fun fact: MCMLXXXV is a resident and co-founder of Herrensauna
  • Advice for the next generation: “My advice is to stop following hierarchical belief systems, adjust to nature and start believing in yourself.”


  • Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
  • Genre(s): House, Disco & Techno 
  • Fun fact: DIDI HAN self-released her debut EP at the end of last year
  • Advice for the next generation: “My advice is to do what you love and not worry about other people’s judgements. Stay true to yourself. “

Artists to Watch


  • First upload: “BIG TIME FREESTYLE”
  • Hometown: South London, UK
  • Influences: FKA twigs, Rihanna & Kendrick Lamar
  • Fun fact: She’s an advocate for victims of domestic abuse and works to help people suffering from mental illness
  • Advice for the next generation: “My advice is for you to be the positive change that you want to see.”
  • Stream now: “Redrum”


  • First upload: A remix of Big Sean’s “Beware”
  • Homebase: Los Angeles, CA 
  • Influences: Janet Jackson, Tame Impala and Kaytranada
  • Fun fact: She’s obsessed with documentaries on health and traveling
  • Advice for the next generation: “Honestly I feel like the shift that’s currently happening is necessary, in order for things to grow you have to leave things behind. I’m proud of this generation and the next; we’re having uncomfortable conversations and pushing for real change.”
  • Stream now: “Get By”


  • First upload: “Together”
  • Hometown: London, UK
  • Influences: M.I.A, DJ Snake and Timbaland
  • Fun fact: “I always wanted to be a rapper, I fell into producing to make my own beats and got addicted”
  • Advice for the next generation: “Encourage your friends, no matter what race, colour or orientation to feel comfortable having awkward conversations. Once people feel like they can express themselves openly they will be able to learn rather than argue. Remember, being uneducated is one thing, but choosing to stay uneducated is the problem we face.”
  • Stream now: “LOOK AT ME”

Joey Trap

  • First upload: A freestyle I did on some Chicago drill beat that I recorded on my phone
  • Hometown: New York, NY 
  • Influences: Young Thug, Kodak Black and Travis Scott
  • Fun fact: He produces his beats and edits his own videos
  • Advice for the next generation: “Follow your gut, if something doesn’t seem right it most likely isn’t. Always stand up for yourself and others in need, whether they are your people or not.”
  • Stream now: “EW” feat. YBN Nahmir

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