Repost Rewind Vol. 8: New tunes for the new year

Repost Rewind Vol. 8: New tunes for the new year

As we enter 2021 with the eighth edition of Repost Rewind, we’re thankful for the constant flow of fresh and unique artist submissions amidst the omnipresent turmoil of present times. This month’s edition dips into Tunisian juke, airy Japanese ambience and Michigan-based instrumental magic — with plenty of pleasant detours along the way.

Think your music should make our list? All tracks are taken from creators using Repost by SoundCloud to distribute their work. We listen to every submission, so if your track passes quality check and our team likes what they hear, it’s eligible to be selected in future editions.

Khadija Al Hanafi – “Youuu

Excellent left-field juke out of Tunisia via Marseille cassette label Fada Records. Nostalgic, saturated chords peppered with just the right amount of frenetic footwork drums and perc.

For fans of: Machinedrum, Jimmy Edgar, DJ Earl

Whitlee – “Spellbound”

Wintry piano lines fade in and out of interwoven guitars in this short but haunting number from Whitlee. Reminiscent of S. Carey or Keaton Henson, this one’s for soaking in the tub.

For fans of: Sufjan Stevens, S. Carey, Keaton Henson

Jack Withers – “Gestaltzerfall”

Otherworldly beat science beamed out of Ann Arbor. “Gestaltzerfall” sounds like an intergalactic game of ping-pong between neighboring stars in slo-mo, which drifts gently back to Earth with a poetic outro.

For fans of: Samon Kawamura, Lapalux, Keaver & Brause

Uasmi Nasser – “Factory 89”

Released on the APPX: label and with all profits going to Rainforest Alliance, Factory 89 is contemporary IDM, coaxed from the flashpoint where Aphex Twin’s early ambient work meets electro-futurism.

For fans of: Call Super, Drexciya, Squarepusher

Michiru Aoyama – “Fan”

Michiru Aoyama is an ambient artist based in Kyoto, who creates and uploads a new track to SoundCloud every single day. “Fan” is a mere iota of the galaxy of weightless, meditative tracks he’s shared with the world so far.

For fans of: Geotic, Stars of the Lid, Gas

Dirtyduck & KTVSKY – “Feel Vibe”

Breezy cut-and-paste instrumentals in the style of pivotal turn-of-the-century labels like Ninja Tune and Mo’Wax.

For fans of: Skalpel, Cinematic Orchestra, DJ Food

Kobe JT & Para – “05 Crew”

Irresistible throwback UK garage from London. No frills, playful vibes capable of transporting you into a sunny Saturday in summertime.

For fans of: Mike Millrain, Ramsey & Fen, Groove Chronicles

Aeded – “In My Mind”

Dark, heavy drum & bass via US label Wavecraft Collective. The atmospheric elements stay true to the stark, dystopian roots of early “neurofunk,” complemented by clinical contemporary production. Banging.

For fans of: Hybris, Break, Ulterior Motive

Gavrosh ft. Hana Bens – “Safe”

“Safe” is a melodic, cinematic pop monolith, upheld by some very impressive production chops and lead vocals courtesy of the young emerging French duo. Imagine Burial remixing the Frozen soundtrack.

For fans of: London Grammar, Tycho, Joyce Wrice

Lefturn – “Scared of Falling”

Molly Brook brings us the perfect poetic alt-pop from Wakefield. Switching between smooth, woozy song and honest spoken word, “Scared Of Falling” lays bare the feelings of suspense and apprehension when falling in love. 

For fans of: Biig Piig, Charlotte Day Wilson, Arlo Parks

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