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Adams Part VI of the SoundCloud Sessions with Circa Survive

Circa Survive were passing by on their European tour recently so we invited them along to record our sixth SoundCloud session. As autumn is upon us a change of scenery was in order…

For this change we decided to also collaborate with a young English director, Greg Taylor, who uses SoundCloud as the basis for sending back and forth the audio within music-related film projects –

It’s a great platform for a band to send me a track we are working on and to use the timed comments to initially plan out with a band what we are looking to shoot’

– Looking for a video collaborator, drop him a track.

Another bonus comes as Circa Survive ask their fans for any questions they have via their website. You can hear all these tracks and see if they answered your question below. Head on over to the SoundCloud Sessions blog to watch the live videos of this performance.

SoundCloud Sessions are recorded in audio and video, and each session is added to the SoundCloud Sessions tumblr. If you want to keep yourself updated on our sessions, check us out on Twitter, Tumblr and/or subscribe to this WordPress blog!

Also, if you’re a musician coming to Berlin or already living in Berlin, send us a track via our DropBox below!

Send me your track

Adams How To Improve Your Band’s Collaboration: An Insider’s Guide

“In the long history of humankind those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.”

– Charles Darwin

Okay, so that quote might be a bit strong, but quite fitting for this post, an insiders guide to collaborating on SoundCloud.

SoundCloud makes it easy for audio creators to collaborate in new ways and across geographical borders. It can be used from the initial stages of sharing a demo, to getting feedback, to tweaking ideas and producing a collaborative piece of music. As well as working at SoundCloud, I also play in a band and SoundCloud has become an important part of our creative process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on using the site to create a track with others, it will focus on five aspects of SoundCloud –

  1. Audio Storage
  2. Private Sharing
  3. Advanced Privacy Settings
  4. Follow/Following Options
  5. Timed Comments

Let’s say you have the original demo you want to share to the rest of your band…

The first step is to set up a platform to then discuss and develop the original track. You probably don’t want your demo out there for the whole world to see so remember to set the track to private. The best way to do this is create one set where ideas can be built on top of each other. When creating the set, go to the privacy settings and select the set to be private. All the tracks now added to this set will be private too.

To allow for interaction it is great to have all of your collaborators set up with SoundCloud and to follow each other on the Cloud. Once you are following your fellow collaborators you can invite them individually into the set via the privacy options.

Now you are all set up, every time you want to put up a new set on SoundCloud to collaborate over you can quickly select who gets access via the ‘Add/Remove People’ option in the Private bar in the edit of a track.

Use the following/followers tab and click on the individuals you wish to grant access. You can even use the ‘Lists’ tab to create a contact list for your band. For more information on private sharing check out this blog post.

Once you have shared a track you of course want to gain opinions and feedback. The timed comments option on SoundCloud works well to pinpoint an area for discussion around a track. Say you don’t like a certain drum fill in the song, anyone who is invited can leave a comment.

From here you can build up a conversation based around this pinpointed section of a song by replying to this timed comment. A great point of interaction arises from here to allow to collaboration and discussion from the the most minute to the most obtuse opinion of a track.

De­pending on how much you want to share with the others, you can make the comments public to all the collaborators or just to yourself. By going into the edit of a track set you can go down to ‘Advanced Privacy Settings’ and  ‘Hide Comments’ or ‘Make Comments Private’.

So you have your first track up on your privately shared set and everyone is giving their input to the new demo. As an idea grows remember you can add newer versions or ideas to the set. Say for example you have recorded a new idea for a guitar riff, by going to the edit of the set you can continue to add audio tracks to the set, by either clicking on ‘add new tracks’ or ‘add existing tracks’.

Eventually as your song grows you will have a set full of the ideas leading to this point of creation and all the feedback on the tracks. Remember you can change the order of the tracks in a set too, so as some ideas and versions of a song become more finalized in how a track is progressing you can go into the edit of a track and change accordingly.

This is a personal use of SoundCloud and I have been able to connect my own music creation with those I wish to create and collaborate with, you can check it out here. Below is an example of how one of my own tracks has developed by creating a platform to discuss and share new ideas –

Being able to store this information in one place, then comment and collaborate to grow an idea is just one way you can personally use SoundCloud. Some of the advanced privacy features attached to our premium accounts have been mentioned in this post, for further information on these please check out our premium features. If you have any other tips or examples we’d love to hear in the comments how you are collaborating using SoundCloud.

Adams How to embed SoundCloud on the new MySpace profiles

SoundCloud is a platform to host your audio and then share it across your networks wherever they may be. If you’re a musician the ability to share your tracks across all the different places where your fans engage and interact with you is essential. SoundCloud is here to help make that happen.

Recently MySpace launched their redesigned profile layouts, letting you have further choice of the content you are publishing and the form in which others experience this. Additions to their pages include a left-hand navigation, a new focus on the MySpace “Stream” where users can see recent activity, and recent comments, while sharing content. Users can also follow their friends’ Twitter, Facebook and other social networking site profiles right from the site with a new follow option.

For SoundCloud users, another addition is that they’ve simplified the process allowing you to embed other media players to your profile. So why not use your SoundCloud player?

The advantages of embedding SoundCloud players to your profile are that you can:
– get all your stats back within your SoundCloud account from your newly embedded player
– let people share your audio content back across their own networks
– choose from a range of players, including our rather aesthetically pleasing artwork players.
– add your own buy links from any place where you want to sell your music and merch from
– keep your tracks on MySpace automatically updated by embedding your SoundCloud ‘profile’ player

The process is simple, here are the steps to make this happen.

  • Opt in to the new profile type
  • Click on ‘Profile’ and go to ‘Customise Profile’

  • Click on the ‘Modules’ tab on the pop-out Editor box

  • Disable the current music player by clickling ‘Remove’ on the music player icon

  • Click ‘Add’ on the HTML Box icon

  • Copy the embed code for your player from your selected SoundCloud set/track/profile/group, then paste the embed code and hit publish. NB. your profile player will automatically update with your latest tracks
Now you have an awesome SoundCloud player on your profile! You can check out Seams’ artwork player on his profile here.
Try this out for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments below.