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Dave Tonight’s in-store at Apple Store Glasgow

Tonight, SoundCloud is going to be making friends with the good people of Glasgow, Scotland. Our excuse for the visit is the first ever SoundCloud in-store at Apple.

Apple Glasgow SoundCloud

Date/Time: 6-7.30pm, Thursday 7th July
Address: 147 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, G1 2JX
More Info:

Dave Haynes will be talking a little more about SoundCloud, diving into some features and demo-ing a selection of awesome apps — including our own iOS / Mac Desktop apps. This short demo will be followed up by a lively discussion with some leading figures, musicians and SoundCloud users from Glasgow’s vibrant music scene.

Cat Calton (Aerials Up)
Esa Williams (Rememory Music)

And finally there’ll be a performance by the aforementioned Aerial’s Up. Can’t wait.

Plus there’s a SoundCloud Meetup afterwards!

For those who want to carry on the conversation (or can’t make it down earlier) we’re also arranging an informal SoundCloud meetup down the road at Macsorely’s between 8pm – 10pm. Come and say hello, meet the panelists and other SoundCloud-ers. See you there.

Dave Barbecue, bands and SXSW sounds

Wow, Austin took our breath away, I think we’re just about recovered. So much awesome stuff happened that we thought we’d better write them all down and share with you. If you were at SXSW, we’d love to hear your stories too.

First up… bands. So many bands and so much good music. And it wasn’t just about blagging our way into the Foo Fighters VIP to catch Dave Grohl play through the new album, it was also about the 2000+ plus acts that all made their way to Austin to showcase at the official (and unofficial) parties. We did our research and found that over 400 of these bands had SoundCloud accounts, so we got busy asking them to add their music to Paper Garden’s SXSW Showcase group. Listen to the results…

SXSW 2011 Showcasing bands!

But it wasn’t just music we were looking forward to. It was also the SXSW sounds. We reached out via Twitter to ask for willing SXSW Sound Ambassadors to fill up our interactive sound map of Austin. Our Sound Ambassadors (and one VC) managed to capture everything from elevator pitches, to interviews, to street noise, to buskers, to drunken conversations in bars. Go check it all out on the map.

We also teamed up with Billboard and Blue Microphones who used our map widgets to create their own special sound maps to great effect! If you’d like to do something similar then get in touch.

Last but not least I wanted to leave you with a few bonus tracks that involve our very own Alexander Ljung. First up go and check out one of many podcasts of panel recordings that are being uploaded by Hittin Interactive, one of which is actually one of Alex’s panels entitled ‘Selling Services To Musicians‘.

And to finish off check out this spontaneous remix of Alex talking about Austin’s world famous barbecue.

Alex’ Austin BBQ by Jackplug

Dave Sounds By South West

Phew, it’s SXSW time already. For those who don’t know SXSW is one of the biggest events for both the music and tech communities. Seeing as SoundCloud hits the sweet spot directly between those two things it’s no surprise that we have a whole bunch of interesting activities lined up for the week. And we want to get you involved too. So here’s our SXSW wrap up…

Get Involved! Become a SXSW Sound Ambassador

With so many interesting people, discussions, bands and music going down in Austin during SXSW it’s the perfect place to start playing with our Record features (available for iPhone and Android). And this is where you come in…

We’re looking for 20 official SXSW Sound Ambassadors (ideally 10 attending Interactive and 10 attending Music) to pound the streets of downtown Austin using the SoundCloud App to record sounds, tag their locations and taking pics. All these sounds will then be featured on our special Sounds By South West map. Neat huh? Everyone we choose will also get an account upgrade and SoundCloud goodie bag with stickers, badges and a t-shirt. All you need to do is apply here by Friday 11th March. But be quick, we’ll pick the best people as soon as we can.

We’ve also teamed up with both Blue Microphones and Billboard (more news on that soon). And we’ll be revealing another special project that involves a VC and lots of elevators in Austin. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can use the SoundCloud mobile app to record then read our 101 on ‘Audio Tweeting‘.

Get Involved! Add Your Music to our SXSW Showcase Group

Of course we don’t want to leave you musicians and bands out. Our friends at Paper Garden Records have thrown up a group for anyone who is playing in Austin during SXSW. If you’re playing and have some tracks to showcase then go ahead and add them here. And if you’re a blogger or journalist then please feel free to go ahead and embed the group in any posts or features you might be writing.

SXSW 2011 Showcasing bands!

Come and Learn

One of the things we love about SXSW is the sheer amount of new things you can learn. Both Interactive and Music have a great lineup of panels and presentations during the day. We’re pleased to say that we’ll be speaking too:

Come and Meet us

Whatever you’re doing at SXSW then we want to hang out and say hello. So SoundCloud is throwing two different meetups with some of our friends from the world of music + tech.