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Emma Found Sounds: The Internet

As the border between on and offline grows increasingly blurry, we’re taking a step back and listening to the sounds of the internet.

SoundsLikeSydnee dived deep and handed the microphone to his computer’s hard drive, before sharing the sound in our new Found Sounds group

Et_123 takes his mouse for a spin:

And The London Sound Survey shares the sound of mass surfing:

Next week we’ll be exploring the sound of fashion, so please add your most stylish sounds to the new Found Sounds Group, and check out the top hits in next week’s post.


Emma Found Sounds: Competition

Competitive fever is spreading world-wide, so this week we’re trying to capture it in sound.

After calling for submissions, these gold medal sounds made their way to the new Found Sounds group:

yaykitteh gives us the inside scoop:

Colin Hunter captures a crowd’s excitement:

And takes us back to where it all began:

Next week we’ll explore the sound of the World Wide Web. So, think outside the box and submit any sounds that express the nature, feeling or experience of the internet, to the Found Sounds group. The best of the bunch will be showcased in next week’s post!

Emma Found Sounds: Above The Clouds

Sticking your head in the clouds can be a dreamy escape, but this week we’re exploring the bolder side of the sky.

Starship_Stupid uses sound to explain the texture of air:

Etherealdrift captures lighting as it strikes:

And rlainhart captures the calm after the storm:

Next week we’ll be embracing the Olympic spirit and exploring the sounds of competition, so please contribute any sound you think captures a competitive mood to our new Found Sounds group.

The best of the bunch will be selected and presented in next week’s post! Send us your submissions by August 5th!