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Eric Announcing Our New Player Widget!

Matas, our Flash-guru, have spent considerable amounts of time updating the SoundCloud player widget, and today we’re happy to tell you that it’s finally out there! Here’s a brief overview of the new features:

1. Volume control!


2. New info panel showing track stats


3. Download and buy panel


4. Share panel with support for direct sharing to your favorite social network


5. Handy switch to toggle comments on/off for faster navigation


6. Last but not least, threaded comments! There’s also easy access to post timed comments straight from the player.


That’s all for now, hope you enjoy it! We have even more feature for the player planned–and please don’t hesitate to let us know in case there’s something you’re missing! And here it is in full effect, featuring no less than 378 remixes of Imogen Heap!

Eric Vote for SoundCloud for the Webby Awards

webby1We’re really happy that SoundCloud has been nominated as best site in the “Services & Applications” category of the 2009 Webby Awards (which is sort of like the academy awards for web sites)! There are actually two different prizes for this category–the Jury’s pick and the People’s Voice. And for the people’s Voice prize, you can help us! Just follow these instructions–and please do it today as this is the last day of voting!

1. Sign up here
2. Pick SoundCloud from “Select a Nominee” at the top of the page
3. Tell your friends to vote for us! And please do comment on the nominee page!

Big thanks!

UPDATE: Voting is now closed, thanks a lot for your help!

Eric FiRe: Pro-quality audio app for iPhone integrates with SoundCloud

fire1We’re super excited to announce FiRe, an iPhone application by Audiofile Engineering that turns your iPhone into a professional field recorder! Now the greatest thing about FiRe (we think) is that you can upload your recorded sounds straight to SoundCloud from your iPhone (using our open API). Simply tap the “Upload to My Account” button after you’re done recording, and the sound will be on its way to the cloud. That’s pretty neat!

Aside from the awesome SoundCloud integration, FiRe is packed with pro audio recording features. Location tagging, overdubbing, waveform editing, and Broadcast WAVE metadata make FiRe a powerful tool for journalists and musicians.

fire2FiRe also supports stereo recording with external microphones such as the BLUE Mikey and Alesis ProTrack. If the internal mic is used for mono recordings, then the screen rotates 180 degrees, allowing users to best position the device for optimum directional pickup. Users can scroll the live waveform display with the touch of a finger or navigate it with a system of configurable double-taps.

To run FiRe you’ll need an iPhone 3G, iPod Touch (second generation) or a first Generation iPhone with the headset plugged in. Read more over at CNET or Create Digital Music.