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Marie Create a sound that’s never been heard before

We’re challenging you to bust out your thinking caps and get experimental with…sound! So how would you capture the birth of an idea in the form of sound? Or the sound of falling in love? Or even better, the sound of a post-apocalyptic landscape?

We’ve teamed up with Vancouver Film School (VFS) to get the gears in your brain turning, your record buttons ready, and encourage all of you SoundClouders to capture a sound that’s never been heard before. We’re excited and so is VFS, check out a special recording from Shane Rees, VFS’s Head of Sound Design for Visual Media here:

The SoundClouders who are successful in capturing a sound that’s never been heard before will have a chance to win a full tuition scholarship to VFS’s Sound Design for Visual Media program. Cool deal, huh? Now, down to business:

Capture at least one of the below topics in the form of sound, in whichever way you like – and with as much creativity as you can:

• The colour red
• The birth of an idea
• An imaginary animal being born
• Falling in love
• A post-apocalyptic landscape

Enter on the contest page here for a chance to win a scholarship. When entering make sure to write (in the sound’s description) who you are, why sound is a passion for you, what equipment/software/techniques you used to create your submission and what makes you so sure this program is what you want to do. More details on the contest here.

Alright, sound good? Ready, set, go be the first to record a sound that’s never been heard!

Marie SoundCloud Local: Osaka

Picture taken by RichInMN, found on Flickr

Thanks to everyone who voted for the SoundCloud Local City this week! The city that won was Osaka, Japan — and nice choice, everyone! There are a great amount of talented SoundClouders hanging about in Osaka and capturing/creating some cool sounds. Check ’em out!

Kazuki Uchida
Born in 1986 in Osaka, Kazuki is a music composer and performer. He’s into electro acoustics and also, taking photographs to go along with his relaxing tracks. You can check out his Tumblr here to see these images and listen to his tracks at the same time. Of course, all his tracks are located below for your ears’ convenience.

As a child, Scott (also known as The Outsider) preferred to stay inside and watch animated TV shows. When he became a teenager, he started listening to punk rock, industrial, acid and other electronic music, unlike the rest of his classmates, so he called himself The Outsider. Hear what he’s created below!

Yamadub is a sound designer based in Osaka. He creates music and sound effects for games, cartoons, television commercials, soundscapes, and the list goes on. He likes to perform live with a variety of electronic instruments as well, especially hardware synthesizers. Have a listen to what he has in store.

You Ninomiya
Yuji Ninomiya, otherwise known as You Ninomiya, enjoys uploading experimental and classical music to the ‘Cloud, and he’s creating some sort of soundtrack. We don’t have any details on it but you can hear bits and pieces of this below in the grey player — so far, it sounds pretty good!

deebers soundlab
Deebers Soundlab was created earlier this year and focuses on improvisations and structured arrangements of music. They can be described as indie alternative, and at times, ambient. They’re hoping for a reaction out of you, and if they get one, let them know — it’ll make them happy.

And if you want more, head over here.

Are you based in Osaka? If so, please contribute to the group on SoundCloud here.

Like always, we’re encouraging you to keep an eye on to see if a SoundCloud meetup is coming your way, and if there isn’t, feel free to start your own!

Marie SoundCloud Local: Johannesburg

Photo taken by Mister-E, found on Flickr

We’re virtually heading down to the most populated city in South Africa, which sometimes goes by the name of Jozi, otherwise known as Johannesburg! You know the drill: check out the SoundClouders we found there :)

Tumi Mpye is a singer, songwriter and student, but first things first, she’s mostly a singer! Based out of Johannesburg, South Africa, she likes to sing acapellas and create other cool tracks. She’s down for sharing these tracks as free downloads as well, so head over to her page.

FEARtheFUZZ is Almega Motion’s experimental side. Almega Motion is actually a trio that was formed by three young, motivated and aspiring artists: Aavishkar Jugmohan, Ryan Sedeman and Cameron Last. They’ve been producing for over 5 years now so they’ve managed to develop a cool style. Check ’em out!

Reigndear is a 3 piece experimental psychedelic folk band. They were officially founded in Taiwan, January 2007, by South African brothers Kent Dylan & Wesley Jay along with their longtime friend, Johnny Atterbury. They like to say, “There are no rainy days, only perfect days to reign, dear.”

Edward Snare
Originally from Zimbabwe and a lover of all genres, Edward Snare started his music career in 2005, dabbling in composing hip hop instrumentals and writing lyrics. He’s still evolving, learning and improving on everything he does, so you can hear what he has so far below in the player.

Stuart Fury is a sound designer and producer of royalty free music for commercial use. It’s mostly game music, sounds, and modern cinematic trailer scores, but there’s lots more there too. He produces music solely for listening pleasure, so go on and be pleased by checking out his stuff.

Itching for more? Here you go!

When/if you’re based in Johannesburg, contribute to the group on SoundCloud here.

And keep an eye on to see if a SoundCloud meetup is coming your way and feel free to start your own!