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SoundCloud SoundCloud Premier monetization is now available for all eligible SoundCloud Pro and Pro Unlimited content

Playcounts now equal creator payouts. Beginning today, SoundCloud Premier, our direct monetization program, is opening up to all Pro and Pro Unlimited subscribers with eligible content – meaning that hundreds of thousands of independent creators can start getting paid for their streams. We’re expanding SoundCloud Premier because from day one, our commitment has been to growing your career as a creator, so that you can make more money doing what you love.

Why should you monetize directly with SoundCloud Premier?

  • Leading revenue share: SoundCloud meets or beats any other streaming service.
  • Faster payouts: We pay you directly each month so you’ll have cash in your pocket faster.
  • Comes with Pro: The program is accessible to all eligible Pro subscribers at no additional cost.
  • Instant availability: On SoundCloud, your uploaded tracks are available for immediate discovery and monetization – no waiting.
  • Direct access to your fans: You get real-time feedback and engagement from SoundCloud’s massive global community.

Any music that you monetize with SoundCloud Premier is non-exclusive and you retain all of your rights. You’ll be in good company – joining the lineup of SoundCloud Premier creators of past and present like Chance the Rapper, Kali Uchis, Lil Uzi Vert, $UICIDEBOY$, Alina Baraz, Towkio, Louis the Child, Lil Yachty, and blackbear, who’ve seen their streams lead to music milestones like GRAMMY nominations, top hits and festival headlines.

So, how do you know if you’re eligible?

You must be an independent creator and a Pro or Pro Unlimited subscriber. For now, we’re opening the program up to original music content only, but stay tuned for more details as we continue to expand.

We’re starting out by inviting creators with 5,000 plays in the past month (from SoundCloud monetized countries: US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, New Zealand), then scaling over time to as many creators as possible. So we recommend you keep creating and promoting your original content, and engaging with your fans in the process. You’ll receive an email and in-product notification once you’re in.

Get more info on SoundCloud Premier monetization and learn how you can turn your playcounts into payouts by checking out our Creator Guide.

SoundCloud SoundCloud & Noisey Singles – Melo Makes Music “Remember”

From uploading his first track in 2014 to making major waves on the Chicago indie hip-hop scene, there’s a reason Melo Makes Music (born Carmelo Cianflone) was a SoundCloud Artist to Watch in 2018.

With a sound that’s not nearly as straightforward as his name (but just as catchy), Melo stands out for his ability to merge the contradicting styles of grunge and classical to create works that are unexpected and original. And as an artist, he’s progressive – weaving themes of empowerment and positivity into his lyrics and propelling important narratives forward.

As part of the Noisey x SoundCloud Singles program, Melo made a video for his lo-fi synth-infused single, “Remember.” Seagull calls set the scene, barber-shop snaps lay the beat – and Melo’s textured tenor spread vocals over chords like butter on toast. Melo’s vision for the video was a vibe that was both vibrant and dark, “like The Beatles meets Evanescence,” he said. And with melancholy lyrics backed by ferris wheel imagery shot on 16mm film, we think he hit the nail on the head.

So yes, Melo Makes Music. But he makes memorable music with a twist; music that’s liberating and different. And if his latest offerings are any indication of what’s to come, we’re going to be watching him well into 2019.

For more information on the SoundCloud x Noisey Singles Program click here.

Stream Melo Makes Music’s latest tracks on his SoundCloud page here

SoundCloud First on SoundCloud: Studio Sessions Berlin launches with San Holo

As fans of music, we typically hear a track when it’s done, dressed in its Sunday best, served up on a silver platter. Its production is pristine and harmonies perfectly blended. We don’t see the process: the meals artists skip to pay those first studio fees, the sleepless nights spent mixing or dreaming of beats, their drafts 1, 2…16.

So today we’re taking the spotlight off of the stage and into that room where the magic happens, with the launch of our new series, First on SoundCloud: Studio Sessions.

The project gives artists who got their start on SoundCloud the opportunity to use the state-of-the-art production studio at our Berlin headquarters and access to an in-house sound engineer, so they can do what they were born to do: create. Without all that red tape. And maybe they’ll stay for a chat and take us back to the early days – their first upload, their first instrument, their first side-stage cameo.

The first creator to grace our booth was Dutch artist / producer and electronic music trailblazer, San Holo. He might sound familiar because you’re one of his half-a-million SoundCloud followers, or maybe because his moniker is an inversion of your favorite Star Wars character. Regardless, his friendly familiarity is a feeling that’s not just name-deep; his music possesses a comfortable nostalgia that dives below the surface of traditional synth & beats. He even plays guitar and sings during his live sets, adding a human element to the very computerized genre of EDM.

Holo’s first passion was guitar, which happened to be the instrument he picked up when he swung by the Berlin studio to record “worthy” and promote his first album, appropriately titled, album1 (out today). While in the studio, Holo revealed it was important to get back to his music-making roots with this project, using recordings of real instruments and even birds chirping in an attempt to harness a sound that’s organic and intentionally imperfect. He reminisced about being an emerging artist using SoundCloud as a unique tool to collaborate and connect, saying, “Back in the day, there was really a SoundCloud scene going on in terms of young producers experimenting with sounds and uploading them to SoundCloud and finding each other. I knew something special was going on.”

He’s still uses SoundCloud for its community – over the years, he’s worked with bitbird prodigies DROELOE and teamed up with James Vincent McMorrow on a few projects. After his first-born’s release, we can expect San Holo to prop his feet for like five minutes before continuing his domination of shows across the globe while continuing to push the boundaries of electronic music.

But first, be the tastemaker in your friend group. Stream album1 HERE, add “worthy” to your queue, and watch the video below to get a peek behind the curtains. And share the goodness: from first rework to album1, what’s next in music is first on SoundCloud.