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SoundCloud Introducing the new SoundCloud home experience

Today, SoundCloud is launching a brand new home experience that makes it easier than ever to discover the latest content from our incredible community of creators.

With over 170 million tracks, there’s always something new to stream, share, or get stuck in your head on SoundCloud. For listeners who want to discover music first, the new SoundCloud home serves up curated recommendations, personalized playlists, and exclusive culture-focused audio content—direct from creators and often years ahead of what’s on the mainstream charts.

With a fresh look, and a new way of delivering what’s now and next in music to your fingertips, the SoundCloud home experience includes:

New Featured Playlists.

-We’re celebrating two of SoundCloud’s most prolific creator communities with Hip Hop Supreme, a playlist of the hottest rap tracks, and In the Mix, a playlist that explores the varied and vibrant world of DJ mixes, updated weekly to keep you tuned in to the artists and tracks making waves in the scene.

Personalized playlists based on your listening behavior.

-Now appearing on the home screen, The Upload, the fan favorite launched earlier this year, is a regularly updated playlist of new music catered to just what you like.

-Never skip a track again —
More of what you like finds your musical soulmates in the SoundCloud community and spotlights the tracks you’ll love.

-Want to discover new artists based on the artists you already love? We’ve got you covered with
Artists you should know. 

Music that reflects what’s happening now in culture.

-Stay plugged-in to the tracks gaining traction and generating buzz with the New & Hot charts.

-Keep track of the platform’s latest album releases with
Fresh Pressed (US only).

-Know which tracks are soundtracking your country with
the Top 50 charts, based on wherever you are in the world.

-Dedicated to serving you what’s next in music and supporting emerging artists, SoundCloud will periodically spotlight what’s happening on the platform with playlists like
SoundCloud Next Wave, The SoundCloud Playback and more.

Explore the new SoundCloud home experience and embrace discovery!


SoundCloud From SoundCloud to the Grammys — Congrats to Lil Uzi Vert, Khalid, Kehlani and more on their 2017 Grammy noms

It’s no question that 2017 has been an exciting year in music, especially for the huge crop of artists who kickstarted their careers by uploading their first tracks to SoundCloud.

Today, six artists you’ve known for years on SoundCloud — 6lack, Kehlani, Khalid, Lil Uzi Vert, Mura Masa and Odesza — all received their first Grammy nominations. Alongside these newcomers, SoundCloud pioneer Lorde landed her fifth career nomination for her latest release, Melodrama.

Spanning hip-hop, dance, electronic and R&B, these artists epitomize SoundCloud’s massive global community, a place where artists come first.

Huge congrats to everyone!

The 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards will take place at New York’s Madison Square Garden on January 28th, 2017.

Learn more about some of this year’s nominees, their SoundCloud stories and their music below.

is nominated for Best Urban Contemporary Album for Free 6LACK and Best Rap/Sung Performance for “PRBLMS”. Kicking off his musical career as a battle rapper, 6lack uploaded his first tracks to SoundCloud in 2013. The Atlanta singer achieved breakthrough success just three years later with a series of SoundCloud releases that culminated in his debut album, Free 6LACK.

Listen to Free 6LACK here.


nominated for Best R&B Performance for “Distraction” and Best Remixed Recording for her song “Undercover”, joined SoundCloud in 2013 and uploaded her song “ANTISUMMERLUV” on the platform that same year. Just last month, her latest single, “Honey”, amassed nearly 200,000 plays on SoundCloud in less than 24 hours.

Listen to the Grammy-nominated track “Distraction” here.


a five-time nominee including Song Of The Year, Best New Artist, Best Urban Contemporary Album, Best R&B Song, and Best Music Video, joined SoundCloud in 2015. It only took a few months for the singer to prove he was a force to be reckoned with — his very first upload, a self-described ‘rough draft’ of “Saved”, garnered over 6K plays in about 24 hours. Two years later, Khalid’s recognized in the industry as one of 2017’s top emerging artists. Recently he paid homage to his early days on the platform by uploading another ‘rough draft’ track – the acoustic song, “Perfect”.

Listen to Khalid’s American Teen here.

Lil Uzi Vert,
nominated for Best New Artist and Best Rap Performance with Migos for “Bad and Boujee”, joined SoundCloud in 2012. Although the rapper didn’t upload his first track until 2014, he quickly gained a large and loyal following, ultimately snagging the title of SoundCloud’s Most Followed Artist in 2016. In 2017, Lil Uzi Vert released his debut album, Luv is Rage 2, and found mainstream success, reaching number one on the Billboard 200 chart.

Listen to Lil Uzi’s Luv is Rage 2 here.


, whose Melodrama scored a coveted Album Of The Year nomination, joined SoundCloud in 2011. A year later, she self-released The Love Club EP on SoundCloud as a free download. After amassing more than 60,000 downloads, she signed to Universal Music Group, who commercially released the EP in March 2013. And the rest is history.  

Listen to Lorde’s Melodrama here.


Mura Masa,
nominated for Best Dance/Electronic Album, joined and uploaded his first track to SoundCloud in 2013. A prolific uploader to the platform, he immediately attracted listeners with his signature sound that flawlessly combines vocals and percussion with electronic beats. In 2017 he dropped his self-titled debut on SoundCloud.

Listen to Mura Masa’s self-titled debut here.


nominated for Best Dance Recording and Best Dance/Electronic Album, joined and uploaded their first track to SoundCloud in June 2012. Their deep involvement with the platform helped them to grow a loyal fan base in a matter of years. Since their debut, the Seattle duo has distinguished themselves as one of the biggest stars in the new electronic scene, standing above the fray with their heavily-textured, shoegaze-influenced sound. In 2017 they released A Moment Apart and embarked on their first world tour.

Listen to A Moment Apart here.

SoundCloud SoundCloud Next Wave: Ever-Evolving Funk in Rio & São Paulo

SoundCloud heads to South America in its fourth SoundCloud Next Wave episode, spotlighting the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil.

“Visão,” follows the rising stars of the funk music genre, MC Bin Laden, DJ Yuri Martins, MC 2K, MC WM, DJ Polyvox and Kondzilla, as they take the funk scene beyond just a music style and toward a larger movement poised for the international stage. Check out the episode below.

Gaining popularity in the 1980’s, Brazil’s funk music genre, also known as baile funk, funk carioca or favela funk, is ever-evolving and rising, even as it’s faced prejudices by the local government because of its origin.

While lyrically the genre has stayed close to its Brazilian roots reflecting life in favelas, the genre’s sound has evolved and matured to include a rich variety of pockets, sounds and styles, influenced by everything from Miami-bass to trap and rap.

This evolution is in part because of the rise of streaming services like SoundCloud, which offers accessibility to the largest and most diverse library of audio content, and a connected community of creators, listeners and curators. In fact, since 2015, we’ve seen a 52% increase in the number of uploaded tracks tied the Brazilian funk genre on the SoundCloud platform.

The title of the episode, which in English means ‘vision’ and links to the local Portuguese slang phrase ‘passa a visão,’ meaning ‘to share ideas,’ makes a nod to the connections and sharing capabilities streaming offers creators.

SoundCloud Next Wave seeks to highlights the exciting local creator communities propelled by the people-powered platform. Previously highlighted cities in the series include New York City with “Extended Mix,” Toronto with “Northern Stars” and Los Angeles with “Degenerate Generation.”

Stay tuned to the blog for upcoming episodes rounding out the series, set in London and Berlin.