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David Pro Tools + SoundCloud

Love Pro Tools? Love SoundCloud? Now using them together just got easier. Avid’s latest update to their cutting-edge audio production software includes sharing to SoundCloud – from creation to utilizing your online community, Pro Tools 10 has you covered.

Pro Tools 10


Pro Tools is one of the most popular audio production software choices for recording, composing, editing and mixing both music and sound used by leading music studios and Hollywood sound editors (e.g. Pro Tools was used in the making of movies such as Gladiator and Mission Impossible 2). The SoundCloud integration offers audio makers the freedom to collaborate and effortlessly share their works, whether it be a hit single, the soundtrack for a TV commercial or the sound effects for your favorite video game.

With SoundCloud baked into Pro Tools 10,  audio producers from all fields can share their sounds privately with collaborators for feedback or share polished works to the world. Throughout the creative process, Pro Tools and SoundCloud make audio production and promotion easier.

In addition to SoundCloud, other key features in the update include Clip Gain, multiple file formats supported within one session and higher resolution sound with more headroom. Find out about all the new features in Pro Tools 10 here.

“SoundCloud’s integration with Avid lets professionals collaborate and share the sounds they create more easily with colleagues and clients,” said Alexander Ljung, founder and CEO of SoundCloud. “As someone who has worked extensively with Pro Tools, it’s also a personal achievement to see SoundCloud integrated so well with the latest version of the leading audio production software.”

Hear more of Alex’s thoughts on Pro Tools 10 & SoundCloud:

SoundCloud and Avid are giving away a copy of Pro Tools 10 to an active member of the SoundCloud community who can let us know how SoundCloud sharing in Pro Tools will help improve your work flow.  Share your recorded explanation with .

David SoundCloud Unmutes Your Stories With Storify

Storytelling on the web has largely been mute.

With the announcement of today’s integration and partnership with Storify, this will change by offering journalists, to everyday users, a deeper connection with each other through the use of voice and sounds in their Storify streams.

Storify lets users tell stories by easily collating content from different social media sites into one, cohesive narrative. For journalists and reporters, adding a new medium — sound — into their reporting has now become super easy.

Storify explains how it works:

Marie Fun Friday: Hackings from Music Hack Day Berlin

Photos by iCrates, and see more here!

Music Hack Day Berlin was last weekend (May 28th and 29th) and was packed full of cool hacks and people. In case you aren’t aware of what Music Hack Day is, it’s a scheduled weekend when programmers, designers and artists come together in a venue and create music-related apps for consuming, exploring, creating and manipulating music. Below, you can take a peek at some of the cool hacks a few attendees came up with.


  • CloudComments: SoundCloud intern, Marco Hamersma made a very cool hack — audio comments on blogs! So in addition to writing a comment, you can also let your voice be heard with this hack! It isn’t completely music-related but it’s sound related and we all know sound is musical :) Read more on his hack here and watch the demo!
  • Tractor: When you’re browsing a page about a certain artist, why not learn more about them? You can do this with the Tractor hack.
  • Music Haeckel Day: Remember when we listened to music on cassette tapes? Do you have any lying around your house? Well, a group at Music Hack Day combined urban crocheting and music hacking to deal with these old tapes. The group digitized the music on their cassettes and crocheted them into the streets of Berlin. If you find these areas and scan the code with your smartphone, you’ll be able to hear the track that was on the cassette before. Check out the nice website they made dedicated to their hack and the artwork player below.
  • RecordTag: MuseScore, a free, open source music notation music, was inspired by the timed-comments available on SoundCloud and decided to apply it to their own platform. Now, collaborating with sheet music is easier because you can add comments on certain parts. Check out this screencast to get a better idea and there’s more information on the hack here!

Still want more? You can check out all 49 hacks that were presented here! Or watch the demo video below:

We also captured sounds at Music Hack Day in Berlin, which is something you can do at a Music Hack Day near you – or any kind of event you would like to capture audio from. Hear Music Hack Day Berlin sounds below:

In addition to all this goodness, hear the round-table discussion recorded and directed by, which includes voices from SoundCloud, Spotify, and Musicmetric:

You can watch out for a Music Hack Day coming your way here – or even organize one in your city! If you’re in or around Barcelona, there’s one coming your way very soon (16th and 17th of June)! More details here.

Music Hack Day Berlin 2011 was sponsored by MTV Networks, Ableton, Spotify, Native Instruments,, FAW, Songkick, Musixmatch, 7digital, and Echonest.