SoundCloud First beat to first break: Galimatias’ First on SoundCloud story

From day one, Galimatias was on SoundCloud. The Danish producer joined SoundCloud as a teenager and uploaded his first track within a month. He used the platform as a sounding board, tapping into the unique, ever-present community of creators for inspiration and motivation. “I met guys from all over the world,” Galimatias says. “We were arranging online beat battles with the comments. I had 0 followers but built my initial community through it.”

Yet there was one SoundCloud connection that impacted Galimatias’ career more than any other. In 2013, Cleveland singer Alina Baraz discovered Galimatias’ page and immediately responded to his hazy, bass-heavy instrumentals. She recorded her own melodies and lyrics over his beats and uploaded the results to her own SoundCloud. Despite the thousands of miles dividing them (Ohio is quite a ways away from Denmark), the two artists began to collaborate, eventually releasing an eight-song EP, Urban Flora, in 2015. Galimatias and Baraz’ unique blend of dreamy vocals and sultry R&B beats drew massive critical acclaim and received over 120 million plays on SoundCloud.     

Galimatias is currently working on his next solo release, experimenting with new ways to use his own voice and push the boundaries of electronic music and R&B. Wherever Galimatias’ journey takes him, we’re proud of where it all started – right here, on SoundCloud.

Listen to the latest music from Galimatias, including his newest track “South,” featured in the video above, on SoundCloud now.

SoundCloud How do I set up my profile on SoundCloud?

Your SoundCloud profile is often the first thing other users see about you (even before they like your track) so it’s important to create a profile that truly represents what you are about. It’s simple to set up your profile but details are important to make sure you get noticed.

How to edit your SoundCloud profile

Sign into your account on and look for your name in the top right-hand corner of the page. Click on Profile from the dropdown box. Click on Edit and you will now be able to edit your profile.

The difference between a Display Name and a Profile URL on your SoundCloud account

Your Display Name and Profile URL are two separate but related parts that require attention when you create your profile. These two elements are what other SoundCloud users and the public will see. It’s important to get this part right.

If you are a band – use your band’s name for your Display Name. If you are a solo performer – use the name you perform under. If you are uploading episodes of a podcast – use the podcast name. A Display Name doesn’t need to be unique so don’t use the word “official” or numbers (unless numbers are part of your name). The cleaner your display name is, the better your profile will look on SoundCloud and the more professional it will look when it is embedded on other sites and apps. Importantly, it will also be easier for search engines to find you.

Your Profile URL has to be unique. It will be shared all over the internet. Pick something quick and easy to remember but pick something that will look good as a URL when you share it. If you are building a profile for a doom metal band using something like “” as your Profile URL is probably not the best idea you have had. Or maybe it is. Check with your drummer.

How to set up a great profile image

There are two images you should think about here. Like other accounts you have on the web or in apps, your profile photo should be an image that helps fans and other users find you. It’s important to select an image that represents you or your tracks accurately and sends a message about what you represent.

In Edit Your Profile, click on the round circle. Choose a photo or a logo you want to use. Keep in mind that the image you choose will be displayed in a circle on your SoundCloud profile. You can zoom and reposition your profile image during the upload process to get the perfect fit. We suggest a minimum 800 x 800 pixel resolution.

You can add another layer to your profile and make it stand out by adding a profile header image. This is another photo that can cropped or repositioned for maximum impact. This image will be displayed as a horizontal or landscape image so select something that works well in that format. This banner image is a great pace to feature the project you are currently promoting, like a track, EP, album or tour.




This article is part of an on-going series featuring tips and advice aimed at helping you promote yourself as an artist, build a loyal audience, and make the most of your presence on SoundCloud. 

SoundCloud First stream to first stadium: Kehlani’s First on SoundCloud story

Before Kehlani was R&B’s hottest emerging star, she was Oakland’s Kehlani Parrish, the fourteen-year-old lead vocalist for a local pop cover band, PopLyfe. The band auditioned for the sixth season of America’s Got Talent and eventually finished fourth, thanks in large part to Kehlani’s undeniable talent, but the group’s momentum stalled shortly thereafter. From 2012 to 2013, the struggling singer-songwriter combatted homelessness, crashing on couches and stealing food to survive.

But one upload changed the trajectory of Kehlani’s career. In 2013, the singer joined SoundCloud and released her first solo track, “ANTISUMMERLUV.” The song immediately made waves and found its way to former AGOT host Nick Cannon, who set Kehlani up with some studio time. Just a year later, Kehlani dropped Cloud 19, her debut and breakthrough mixtape. Cloud 19 gained millions of SoundCloud plays and attracted fervent critical acclaim, being hailed as one of Complex’s “50 Best Albums of 2014” and prompting Vice to name Kehlani an “R&B Artist on the Verge of Blowing Up.”

Kehlani now has a record deal with Atlantic, a successful full-length album (SweetSexySavage), an opening spot on Demi Lovato and DJ Khaled’s North American tour, and two Grammy nominations to her name. And she continues to slay on SoundCloud – just last month, Kehlani shared an intimate acoustic track called “Again” on her page, quickly amassing over 800,000 plays. Wherever Kehlani’s journey takes her, we’re proud of where it all started – right here, on SoundCloud.

Listen to the latest music from Kehlani on SoundCloud now.